Thursday, September 15, 2011

You know it has been a long time when….

Your mother asks you when are you going to update your blog?

so this one is for you mom!

It has, as usual, been busy in our house with the start of school and activities.  Dance is in full swing for the girls this week.  Hardly seems like we stopped over the summer. #3 has decided not to play soccer this winter and do some acting/drama classes and voice classes as well as her dance.  She also made the Jr. girls volleyball team. Busy!  #2 is a senior with lots of homework and is doing some student teaching at the studio. She also works part-time at a dance clothing store.  #1 is off at university and living in a house with 2 other guys.  Haven’t heard a lot from him as he settles in, other then a text the other day, “how do I cook this chicken?” music to my ears!!!

This year I am the coordinator for the studio’s parents association’s silent auction.  The planning is coming along nicely for the event, but it is taking up a good chunk of my time. I continue working out and walking and enjoying it.   Sneaking in some sewing here and there. On that note, I mentioned a few posts back that I had bartered with a friend.   She gets me fit and I make her a quilt.  Well I am no marathon runner or Olympic athlete, but I feel better and not so sluggish (well except maybe in the morning), and i am toning up.    

Although her quilt is done I know her exercise plans for me aren't!!!Winking smile


She chose this fabric (April Cornell’s Spring Magic) because it reminds her of staying with her grandma. (insert warm & fuzzy feeling)