Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Wishing all my friends and followers, new and old, a very Happy New Year.

May all your successes of 2011 carry forward.

Cheers to good health and happiness in 2012!

Any quilting goals or resolutions for you??

Happy stitching,


Thursday, December 29, 2011

After 20+ years...

Hubby finally gets his own quilt.

As he said "I have seen many quilts leave the house, but now I finally have my own". I hope it keeps him warm and snuggly on a cold night watching hockey.

Made from homespun cotton. Sewn similar to to 1600 quilts using jelly rolls.

Saturday, December 24, 2011



Wishing you all much PEACE and JOY during the holiday season with your family and friends.

Safe travels as you go visiting and merry making. 

May Santa be good to you too! 

Merry Christmas  my dear blogging friends and followers.

If you get a minute to relax I hope it is with needle and thread in a comfy chair!



p.s. this runner/wall hanging was a commissioned piece

Monday, December 19, 2011

Helpful Lily

Always by my side.
I can always count on Lily to help me sandwich a quilt!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A winner has been choosen!

And the winner is......


that is the most popular cookie on my very random Christmas cookie survey.

followed by:
 Peanut Butter cookies - 11 including Buckeyes
Gingerbread/molasses - 8
Chocolate cookies -7
Sugar or cut out cookies - 5
tied with -3
Coconut macaroons
Mexican wedding

tied with - 2

Mince pies
Bourbon balls
Cake Batter

They all sound delicous and I loved the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing.
My cookie try last year!
Oh we also have a winner of the give-a-way.
Random number gadget chose #35.
Sheila (Sheila's Quilt World):
"I love shortbread cookies at Christmas, always a treat"

Thanks for becoming a new follower too Sheila. (not sure where you are from but I will be sending you an email.)

Thank you to all of you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment and for becomming new followers. I was thrilled everyday to see you had stopped by.

I will have some finishes to post later this week...but for now back to more baking!!

Until next time,

Happy Stitching, or baking, or shopping, or wrapping, or decorating or whatever you are doing!!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Blog Hop Party Giveaway….

What a great time to have a giveaway.  Everyone is in a festive and giving mood so I thought I would join along.
We are celebrating The Quilting Gallery’s 4th anniversary…yahoo…..such a great resource for so many things like quilting blogs, quilting stores, patterns, contests, swaps.  Michele is always coming up with something new and exciting.  If you have never visited, it is a must.
There are over 250 participants from all over this world in this amazing blog hop party.  The links will be posted on Saturday, December 9th (midnight EST).  Click on this thumbnail and it will take you to the list of participants.

And now for my give away…….

I love snowmen and I hope you do to!   This little wall hanging or table topper (14” square) could be yours.
For two chances to win all you have to do is:

1) leave me a comment telling me about your favourite holiday cookie.  I recently surveyed my family to see what their favourite was and they all chose the same one.  (Figures it was the one I like to make the least!) They all had a different second favourite, so I guess I better get baking soon.

2) why don’t you become a follower?  I love hearing from fellow bloggers from all over the world, so be sure to tell me where you are from too. (leave a second comment telling me you are now a follower)

I look forward to hearing from you.   I also look forward to checking out all the other BLOG PARTY participants tomorrow.

I will announce the winner on December 17th. Good luck everyone
Until next time,
Happy Stitching,

p.s. if I hit 110 followers I will add a little something extra to the giveaway!!


Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well after too many hours on the computer I think I have successfully made a 'page' on Facebook for Lala's Lovelys Quilting.
So if you are a Facebook user, try 'liking' my page...

I sure hope this works!  

p.s. I should have been sewing instead!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog Hop Party

I am going to be participating in the Quilting Gallery's 4th anniversary  Blog Hop Party.  If you have never been to this site, it is a great resource for many things quilt related, blogs, stores, patterns, etc.

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

so check back here on December 9th to see what I will be giving away!!!! 

Until then,

Happy Stitching


Monday, November 28, 2011

another finish…


I think this might be one of my most favourite quilts that I have made so far. Originally, it was meant to be just a bed runner for my sister’s guest room.  However, I enjoyed making the blocks so much, it grew and it grew. She chose the colours and pattern in April when she was here visiting.  I had the top done by June, but with a busy summer I didn’t get around to quilting it until October.


I quilted this more then any other quilt I have done. I loved doing these loopy flowers in the center. I also added arches/fans to the border and some stippling too.


Looking great on my antique round chair.DSCN8792

Lily of course has to have final inspection…..I think it passed!


I made two pillow shams from the border print as well. (oops forgot to take pictures of them). 

I can’t wait to be a guest in her room!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

First quilts

Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville,(one of my favourite quilters/designer/author) is having a linky party to show case your first quilts. 

according to this newspaper clipping I helped to make a quilt block in Grade 3
This should be interesting to see.   We have all changed and grown in our quilting lives. I started quilting just about 20 years ago now. I had a few years where I didn't do any due to having my three kids.    My hands have always been busy stitching something.  I think I started when I was in grade 4 with knitting classes as a school elective.  Then I did some embroidery on my own.  I remember making some bibs.  I took a  night class in high school to learn to crochet.  I took up cross stitch at college and made many of those through the years. 

My real quilting journey started just before my first baby was born.  I took a class at a community center.  The machine I was working on was from the 50's and heavy.  I had to have my husband carry it in for me.  It was a sample machine that my grandfather's company was thinking of selling/making, but didn't.  It really hadn't been used over the years just stored in his basement.

I made this quilt for Chris.  Each snow ball was made with a template as were the corner triangles. I hand quilted it. It got trickier and harder to quilt as my belly grew and my arms got shorter!!! Each snowball has a teddy bear quilted into it.  I have pulled it out of the closet now and then only to realize I must have been off on some seam allowances as they are starting to come apart already.  ONe thing I do know, I am so glad they found easier and quicker ways to make snow balls!!  No more cutting of triangles!!

This is my second quilt ever.  I made it for a friend that was getting married.  However, she called the wedding off and I ended up keeping the quilt.  (she did end up marrying). I really loved making the log cabin. So simple but looks really complex.  

Join Bonnie at Quiltville and post about your 'First.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Finish #4

Here are some photos from the Silent Auction that I organized back in October.  We had a very successful evening, but I must admit it did take up a lot of my time. 
donations sitting at my house ready to go

my basket of jams, salsa & bread
my donation ready for bidding
close up just before binding went on
proudly displayed at the auction
lots of donations

we had over 175 items donated
I am sure glad it is all over with and I can get back to my regular daily routine....whatever that is.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Third finish... A Repair Job

Now I don't claim to be a quilt restorer, but I have brought back life to a few quilts. My lastest was for my friend Sheryl. She made this quilt back in the 90's, can't you tell by the fabrics? It looks just like my 2nd quilt colours. She never quilted it, but only tied it and did a rolled edge binding. Over the years they have loved and used it alot. maybe a little too much love!
uh oh something happened
so I did a little hiding of the tear
I even found some fabric from the same vintage!
I quilted it as best I could in the ditch and around 1 square

Now they can love it for many more years!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Second Up….computer pouch and case

So my good friend Ria gets to escape winter every year by leaving me and heading to Phoenix. Lucky her.
A couple of days before her departure she asks me to make her a pouch/sleeve/bag for her laptop that she would be travelling with.  Let me just say she is a PINK girl through and through.   She has a PINK winter coat, PINK shoes, PINK mitts, hat etc. She even has a PINK laptop.
Yep you read correctly. This funky PINK laptop needed a cool fabric and I had just the one. (sorry I am not a fabric line name knowing kind of person, I just buy what I like or what is on sale) DSCN8735DSCN8736DSCN8737

Doesn’t it  look all cozy in it’s pouch, fits perfectly too.  Although the laptop fit, all the cords and the mouse didn’t fit so ….
an accessory pouch was created, perfect for cords and mice!!! She squealed when she saw her name embroidered on. 
I hope she is soaking up those desert sun rays. Snow is falling here.

Friday, November 18, 2011

First up,…. placemats

As promised in yesterday’s post I have pictures of completed projects, yahooSmile


I actually made something for us,  6 placemats using up the rest of a honey bun and other scraps from Kansas Troubles by Moda.   I used the ‘Quilt as you go’ method on some of them and some were traditionally pieced & quilted.  They all have different bindings. 


I hope it is warmer wherever you are.  Winter has arrived in Calgary!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Once again it has been awhile since i posted. I guess I have had some busy weeks.   Since my last posting I have:
  • I got my hair cut a lot shorter
  • continue with domestic duties (they never end)
  • did a bit of purging around the house
  • finished my placemats
  • finished a wall hanging...only had the sleeve to hand stitch
  • started quilting my sister's quilt with a new to me stitch
  • went to Vancouver an extended weekend to university shop with #2
  • celebrated her 17th birthday this week (that is hard to believe)
  • started on a string quilt because I wanted to
  • finished up all the after items for the Silent Auction I organized (we raised over $16,000)
  • tidied up the yard for winter
  • survived my husband gone on a 2 week business trip
  • continuing to plan for our upcoming renovations, so meeting with trades etc
  • sewed a computer bag and matching pouch for a friend
Now I need to get some photos up of all that I have been doing.   Off to take pictures, so I guess this will be a two part post......stay tuned!  (oh and get some housework done)

In the meantime, answer this: 
Do you ever sew just 'cause? 
What is your 'just 'cause' reason?

Happy Stitching

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Community Service Project

Last October when I first joined the Guild, I took it upon myself to take a bunch of orphaned blocks home to turn into a Community Service Quilt!

(insert scratching head, what was I thinking??)


These are some of the blocks that came home with me. I had to think about how to put these together, which took a lot of time… forward….

April top is completed.  When my mom was here visiting, she wanted to see me ‘do’ some quilting. so i put these blocks together, sandwiched it and started to quilt it. Then life got busy and it sat. Fast forward again



I quilted it last week.  I even managed to dive into free motion feathers.  I love the look of them but was always intimated by the process.  I persevered and dove in to get them done. Once I got the rhythm of the motion they weren’t too bad after all. I do need to practice some more but I now look forward to doing more.   I don’t know where this quilt will end up, but I hope it brightens someone’s life.

The rest of the little 9 patches went into this preemie quilt for the neo natal unit our hospitals.


I feel good about contributing to those in need or who just need comfort. Have you done any charity stitching lately?

Happy stitching


Friday, November 4, 2011

Post Halloween

Mom can you please make me a costume!

ok no Ruby slippers, this is before Dorothy gets to the Emerald City!
#2 just has to get in the picture
Goofy Dorothy!

The candy haul after 2.5 hrs of trick or treating!

Need I say anything more!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meals on Wheels

These placemats will be going, via our Guild, to the "Meals on Wheels" program here in Calgary. We make one side for everyday use and the otherside for Christmas. The top two fronts were blocks leftover from my friends test blocks. I couldn't just let them sit any longer and made them into placemats. The third one's front is left over from some potholders I made.
These are fun to make and going to a great cause. I hope they lift the spirits of someone this holiday season.

Happy stitching everyone!


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