Tuesday, June 29, 2010

As the activities wind down

Oh I have been so busy lately it is just crazy. However, we are winding down with activities and major events coming to a halt. I didn’t think I would survive the last month but I did.
First was our son’s graduation from Grade 12 on June 10th. Graduation was a two day affair, Mass in the morning, convocation in the afternoon followed by a family dinner with friends; Saturday June 12th was the formal dinner and dance. Something new to me was that parents went to the dance. It was lovely to see all the kids dressed up looking so gorgeous. He will be off to the University of Lethbridge come Sept. We managed to squeeze in a tour of the campus and dorms early June. He will be in for a big change, as we will be too. Congrats #1.
After all of his grad ceremonies it was on to #3’s birthday. She turned 11, hard to believe my baby is that old. We had a great birthday party. This year’s theme…a carnival! Although the weather didn’t cooperate for the big games in the back yard, a little too soggy, the kids had fun inside and on their ‘Amazing Race’ around the neighbourhood. The carnival was complete with snow cones, caramel apples, hotdogs, chips, and candy bags. They did manage to eat outside, thank goodness!
Birthday girl and friends. (she had about 6”of hair cut the day before)

Have I done any sewing you ask?… well not too much….but here are a couple of finishes.

Made this table runner with my guild. It was a mystery project, but half way through it I realized I have made this pattern years ago. I really wanted a springy runner for the kitchen.

I have made a few pouches for birthday and teacher gifts, but they went out the door before I could get pictures made.

These cards are great will scrap busters. I even entered them in Stephanie of Loft Creations String Challenge. I just used some card stock and a needle that wasn’t going to last much longer and a bunch of string scraps.
Well today is #3’s last day of school, finally. They are having a talent show and party, basically waiting around until 3 to get their report cards.
On my list today: take #2 to school to pick her report card,
Grocery store,
clean up the house…and pack! Catch you all in a week or so!

Let the summer time fun begin!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


If you like this quilt I made for my Dad in Feb.'09 then go to the Quilting Gallery and vote for me please!

Monday, June 21, 2010

San Francisco.......

hey there blogging friends.
We are planning a trip to San Fran this summer. Can you give me some tips of things to see and do there? Places to eat? Quilt stores? lol
We are staying in Union Square. The girls are coming with us. No. 1 son is staying with Lily.
more of an update on life and projects later this week. I am still recovering from all the activities of the weekend.
Have a great week


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grad quilt

Well my son is graduating from high school today. For the occasion I have been working on a quilt for him.

He is an avid music lover, especially classic rock. He has also loved stylized flames and wanted some painted on his bedroom walls.

Therefore I have named his quilt 'Hot Rock' He hasn't received it yet as today are the ceremonies and dinner, maybe on the weekend when things are a bit calmer.

Let me know if you are visiting from Spring Bingo! If I reach 50 followers, I am thinking of a giveaway!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quilter’s ABC’s

Sunday I ventured out in our miserable weather to visit the 15th annual Festival of Quilts held at Heritage Park here in Calgary.
The park is such a great venue to showcase the amazing and brilliant quilters of Alberta. Due to the awful weather (we had snow last week) all the quilts had to be hung inside. Last year it was gorgeous weather and the quilts were hanging all over, on fence posts, railings, second storey balconies etc. I still enjoyed seeing all the workmanship and unique designs that quilting has to offer.
I especially liked this Quilter's Alphabet and wanted to share it with you: I am furiously trying to get my son's graduation quilt finished. I am just working on the borders. I can only work on it when he is out of the house as we share the rec. room in the basement. However, I think he is pretty oblivious to my sewing when he walks by.

Last night I went to my guild's meeting. I came home with a charity quilt to quilt. Gosh I wonder when I will get to that; good thing there is no deadline!

Off to work I go.

What are you working on?