Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grad quilt

Well my son is graduating from high school today. For the occasion I have been working on a quilt for him.

He is an avid music lover, especially classic rock. He has also loved stylized flames and wanted some painted on his bedroom walls.

Therefore I have named his quilt 'Hot Rock' He hasn't received it yet as today are the ceremonies and dinner, maybe on the weekend when things are a bit calmer.

Let me know if you are visiting from Spring Bingo! If I reach 50 followers, I am thinking of a giveaway!!!


  1. What a super quilt for your son! Love the colours, fabric and pattern you used Lee! Enjoy the graduation ceremonies!

  2. The quilt is fabulous. Congratulations to your son! I saw you being featured on Quilt Bingo today.

  3. Congratulations to your son! You've made him a great quilt. I stopped by from the Spring Fever Bingo - it's been so much fun to see everyone's blogs!

  4. Following from Spring Fever Bingo. Nice quilts, very nice. I also made a quilt for my son's graduation, but he won't use it. He doesn't want to mess it up. Either way he still has the memory.

  5. I've dropped by to say an Aussie hello, from Spring Fever Bingo.

    It's great visiting new blogs.

    Hope your son enjoys his graduation quilt, when you get a calmer moment to present it to him. What a great gift for such a milestone in his life.


  6. Oh Lee, the quilt is perfect for your Son!
    He will treasure it for sure!
    Great job and have fun celebrating his Graduation. Our daughters is on the 25th

  7. Great quilt, Lee! Your son is sure to love it - and congratulations to him (and you!) on having survived high school!

  8. Fabulous quilt - your DS is sure to love it!Would love to say I'm stopping by from Spring Fever Bingo, butdon't know what that is. I'm already a follower, so can't help you with your numbers.

  9. Congratulations on your son, Lee! You have made him a wonderful quilt!

    I’m already a follower.

  10. What a great quilt and a lovely way to mark this milestone in your son's life! Congrats to him on graduating.

    Belated Happy Anniversary, Lee! Hope you got a chance to do some celebrating - amazing how quick the years go, isn't it? Wishing you many more happy years together. :o)


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