Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rooster Party

Cookadoodle doo!!! Welcome to Show Us your Roosters Party hosted by Barb. My maiden name is Cockerill which in the UK is often spelt Cockerel which mean 'rooster'. A few years back i had a young British boy at our home and he looked up at the high shelf in the family room and said "Look mom a cockerel" I just about fell over. so needless to say Roosters/cockerels have been in my family for a few generations. It is even in the family's coat of arms. The particular rooster the boy was referring too I couldn't get a picture of as it is too high up!
Enjoy the rest that are in and around the house.

Floor Mat Wooden cannister set

Granny's spice jars
Garden buddy
salt and pepper shakers

Serving Platter on my counter

Mug by Metlox Poppytrail pattern. This was my mom's dish pattern growing up. I found this one at an antique shop recently. I had the dish set, but mom took it back last year!
'Rudy' sits on our kitchen counter
This frame adorns our family room wall

paper/cardboard lunch box in the familyroom too
No body likes a party better then a Rooster. He will be the first one up to get to the party too.

My first swap

Well I received my first evey swap quilt this week from the Good Ole Summertime Quilt Swap. I was so excited to open the package when I got home from vacation. I could hardly wait to open the package, but had to get the kids in the door, suitcases emptied, laundry started etc. I wanted the opening to be special and not rushed. I am so glad I took the time. The came all the way from Norway.
It is truly beautiful and I want to thank my swapper, Anne for making this
for me. I love the little x stitches she made on the back ground fabric. Thank you too for all the lovely post cards from Norway. I have always wanted to visit that country, maybe next time we are in Europe.

Monday, August 24, 2009

M-I-A....not really just holidays

No I am not Missing In Action..I have been on holidays. The family and I were in the Maritimes for 10 days. We had an awesome time, the weather was great, well except for Sunday when hurricane Bill went through Halifax, so we just spent the day in the hotel. Wish I had had some hand sewing to do then but I didn't, instead I picked up my daughter's cross stitch and worked on that for her!! My hands can't be idle. I also finished off three more of the Elm Creek Quilter's books during the vacation. I am hooked on those and hope to get a few more this week, although then when will i get some sewing in? While in Nova Scotia we visited some friends at their cottage for the day. As a thank you for their hospitality I made this table runner for them. (the night before we left) I had to finish up the binding on the airplane. I had no idea what colours they would like but I was pleasantly surprised to see her yellow and blue decorative bowls on the table...kismet!I managed to have the rental car stop at a few quilt/fabric stores in NS and PEI. I picked up some lovely flannels and fat quarters at the Harbour Quilt Company just outside of Antigonish, NS. Also a few meters of fabric was purchased at the Bargain Fabric Outlet , just before we left PEI. Hard to pick out fabrics when you know there are 4 people in a SUV drumming their fingers wishing I would hurry up.
Now I am busy unpacking, catching up with emails, blogs, etc. Laundry is going already, pictures down loaded, dog picked up from the neighbour's Kids start school in 2-3 days, each one different so I will be busy again with my day/evening job of taxi driver, lunch maker and homework checker....wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Florida Flamingo

This wonky log cabin was a quick quilt, made in a week. I recently found out that a lady near and dear to my mother had to move into a senior's residence. She is almost 87 and is still spry and mobile. Her previous living arrangements changed so she had to too. Although it is usually screaming hot in Florida, maybe sometimes the A/C is on a bit too much and she might like this to snuggle in. Hopefully too it will brighten her new home and her heart.
It was made with fabric from my stash, so I can't say it was from one designer/manufacturer. some of the fat quarters came from Florida to begin with!!
We are off on vacation, yahoo. For those of you with kids returning to school....good luck. For those of you still soaking up the last couple of weeks of vacation, have a great time.
See ya

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dance banner and sewing update!

I have a couple of finishes to show off the next couple of days...finally!!!I made this banner for my daughter so she could have a place to show off all her dance awards she receives at competitions. It was my first time to trying to do the lettering...only the A i am not happy with, but oh well, better luck next time. I made a sleeve for the back and we will get it hung soon.
Stay tuned for a finished wonky log cabin coming your way...just have to finish the binding. I have been so busy reading Elm Creek Quilters 3 volume book, that I forgot to do some of my own sewing.
Yesterday my LQS had another 50% off sale. Well who can resist that. I bought a lot of fabric again, but this time I went with a list of projects that need to be started or finished and got fabrics for that only...well maybe a piece or two for the stash. I also found a great book for beginning applique. This is one area of quilting I haven't done much with and want to get started. There is such a cute flower pot pattern that I will use for my Summer Quilt Swap in the book. Normally the book sold for $38 and was on sale for $14. Even the lady behind me in line was admiring it. She went to look for it, but it was the only one. I also bought Christmas fabric for use in my Holiday swap. Since I was on a role with holiday fabric and I was also standing beside some wonderful fall fabric while I was in line, I grabbed some to make table runners!
so i have some project to get started on and of course there are the never ending ones to finish too.
Now I have to get my head around our upcoming vacation to the east coast of Canada. finally a break from the norm.
Have a good Sunday

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something from Charles for Vintage Thingy Thursday

If any of you having been following my posts for Vintage Thingy Thursday hosted by Suzanne at Colorado Lady, then you know that I have been posting about my great grandmother's quilts that my sister, mom and I all have. She did amazing work and if this is your first time reading my blog then check her quilts out on my sidebar at Genevieve's work. At last I have run out of quilts to post about. So I thought it was only fair of me to post something that her husband, Charles used.

Charles was a man of many trades, but was a skilled sheet metal worker I am told. Last summer when we were in Ohio visiting the old homestead, my dad gave me one of his tools that was still laying around.

I have no idea of its proper name. Dad said he would use it to bend the sheet metal. The reason it is all black, is because it was in the barn fire a long time ago. It is as heavy as can be too made of cast iron. I think it was probably even hand made. Anyway that is my story for today. Hope everyone has a great week.