Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dancing dancing

D#1 and are heading to her first dance competition tomorrow. This year she is in 4 events including her first jazz solo, jazz group, ballet group and lyrical group. We will be out of town for 2 nights. I have my machine packed in the van hoping to get some sewing done on 'Diamonds or Squares'. Going out of town has been an logistical nightmare making sure the other kids are farmed out or know where they need to go and when, meals prepared, bags packed etc. didn't help that Hubby had to go out of town tonight too! then I got called into work today. so now I must finish packing and be sure all is ready. I just hope the drive is clear and NO more snow comes.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nothing happening

Not much happening on the sewing front these days. We have company here from Germany and so my sewing area had to be transformed into a guest room for awhile.
I did manage to get the binding on another table runner last night.
We had a great day yesterday touring in our own city. I only wish the weather was better. anyway hubby has taking them on a different tour today while I shuttle #1 and #3 to soccer games, of course at different locations but at the same time!!
tonight we will all be glued to the TV for NHL playoffs.....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

For my first Vintage Thingie Thursday, I wasn't sure what to post. I am very fortunate to have many of my great Grandparents belongings from both sides of my father's family. From pieces of furniture, to porcelain, to pictures, to handicraft tools. what an awesome way to showcase some of their/my things. For years I have been working on my family tree as well.

I have started a small collection of hop nail glass. My Paternal grandmother handed down a couple of pieces to me and I am slowing finding more pieces from time to time.

The second picture is of a chest of drawers from my great grandmother again on my father's mmother's side. I have loved it forever and was very pleased when i inherited it in 1997. The inside is very rustic and the back is made from rough hewn boards. The hardware is original and there is a burn spot on the top probably from an oil lamp. My great grandparents came from Missouri and I am told this once was on a covered wagon. From Missouri it went to Ohio and from Ohio to Canada.

D #1

I am so excited that my enthusiasm for quilting is starting to rub off on my girls. Either that or they just finally found me sewing so much they decided to join me. D#1 started hers at Christmas but is so busy with school and dance she didn't find the time to get the top done until Spring Break last week. She used 4 charm packs. I think she is going to add another border too. I guess i will soon be giving some lessons in free motion to her! I will let her decide what to name this. Now they are hoping I can get a new sewing machine so they can have the old one!

Thank you Shar

This quilt was made in 2003 for a friend that was so very helpful to our family. We had just moved back from living overseas for 3 years and she was always helping us out, whether it was a dinner, groceries, homemade cookies etc. She really helped to make the transition a lot easier.

For Us

Finally something that I am keeping. This will go on our kitchen table. The colours are a little dark for this time of year, but it matches the rest of the decor in the kitchen/familyroom.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Table Runner

Here is one of three table runners that I have finished! I put them together as leader/enders when doing other projects. Before you know it they are finished. Most of the fabric is from a charm pack, but I don't know which one anymore. I added some of my stash fabrics to make it a bit bigger. This one will be a gift for a friend in Germany that is coming to visit next week! Now i need to clean the house for them.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Quilt Festival 2009

What a great idea for this on line Festival. I always loved the motto "Shop on your seat, rather than your feet". This festival gives us the opportunity to connect and view in the comfort of our home. Hardest part? chosing which quilt is my favourite.

However, I think my second quilt I ever made would win. It is a lap size log cabin. Originally made for my friend's wedding gift in 1993, but then she called off the wedding and I kept the quilt...never did tell her. (she did end up getting married by the way). I remember it took me a long time to pick out the fabrics, but the ladies at the store were very patient. I always get a lot of compliments on this one, probably as it is usually on a couch in our house.
I am new to blogging so i hope through this festival I 'meet' many new quilting friends! Everyone's projects are so inspirational!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let the games begin!

Since it is spring break here I have had to divide my time up between the kids. Today I went with #3 to a local ceramics shop and we painted. this was after spending a couple of hours shopping for new soccer cleats. I made a vase and she made a square plate with lots of dots. It was fun. Tonight she had her first outdoor soccer practice! Luckily the sun was shining tonight and it wasn't that cold! Needless to say i didn't have too much sewing time today. Just finished up a top of table runner and for a change it is for us!
Tomorrow I will spend part of the day with #2 probably at the mall! #1 went looking for a summer or part time job again today, but nothing has come up yet.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A few things on the go!

Now that 'Tiger Tail" top is complete I have been working on a couple of table runners using charm packs and of course "Diamond or Squares". Trying to get the the vertical sashing done.
However, it is back to the fabric store for batting and backing for TT. I thought I had enought white and batting at home, but alas I was short, so off i go again! Better make a list this time so I don't forget what I need.
I had to take a break today to take #3 to see Hannah Montana movie!

Tiger Tail

I am so happy with the way this top has turned out. It is for a friend's daughter that is graduating from university in May. I asked her what her favourite colours were and grey and orange was her reply. You know they look pretty good together. I used Terry Atkinson's "Yellow Brick Road". I used the 'extra' blocks on the end. Unfortunately I ran out of the border print so I just added the grey...can't quite see it in the pictures. Now to get it sandwiched and quilted!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Field Trip

Kids and I are off on a 'mystery' field trip. I havne't told them where we are going and won't until we get there.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter. Safe journeys to those travelling to family and friends. Don't eat too many chocolate eggs!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Diamonds or Squares?

Now that the sashing is on, I have to decide what colour to use as borders. Any help would be great!
Coming along and I think looking pretty decent! I had to go to the store for more red! Oh well more for the stash!

Red sashing it will be.....just not sure when!
72 diamonds
Putting the halves together

With inspiration from this website and amazing quilter Quiltville, I have started this scrap quilt. Haven't decided which layout to use yet.
Well it looks like diamonds it will be! And after much deliberation, my 9 yr old helped, we decided to do red sashing. I have 72 squares to sash and put together!

The Monster

I call this one the Monster because it is the biggest one I have ever made. Whenever I told my mom i was making a quilt she would ask "What size!" I usually replied, "probably twin or lap". She would always say make it atleast queen size so it goes on a bed. well this turned out to be bigger than queen. Made all from scraps, except for the back. I stippled the entire thing, with varying sizes of stiples (is that such a term). Started Sept 2002 and finished April 2003 while living in The Netherlands. I needed another blanket for guests so i had to get it done.


Friendship Tulip wall hanging made in 2002. We were living in The Netherlands at the time and I belonged to a small quilting group. We each made a tulip 16 times and then traded the blocks.


Sampler quilt made for my sister in 1996. I took a quilting class at a local church and this was our project. I loved learning all the different blocks. It is actually navy, cream and dusty rose

For Mimi

Not sure exactly when I made this one, but around 1997 I think. Made for my mom (Mimi her Grandma name). buttons in the middle and log cabin cushion to match!

Blast Off

I had fun with this one! The rocketship fabric I have had for years and finally made this quilt for my 6 year old nephew's birthday. My goal was to make something out of my stash. I did it!

Bright Binky

My first attempt at a rag quilt. This is for my daughter (9) whose room is these colours. she loves it and it has to be placed just so on her bed at night. She helped me with the layout of the different fabrics. Kinda funky, but then again so is she!

Log Cabin

My second quilt, made back in 1994. Still one of my favourites. I remember it took my ages to pick out the fabric for this one.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wedding Bells

Made for my brother-in-law and wife for their wedding in 1993. First time chain piecing with strips. Machined pieced and hand quilted (seemed to take forever), queen size too. Navy, white and dusty rose!


This is my very first quilt, made for my son in 1993. We used templating to cut out the pieces and then machined pieced it together. At the time I was using a 40 year old 'sample' sewing machine that my Grandfather had in his basement. Only straight stitiching on that machine, but it did the trick. I hand quilted it. I am glad I learned this method as it gives more appreciation for the quicker methods I use today.


this was my first attempt at paper piecing. The nautical theme came about as it was a thank you quilt for my dad and wife who live on a boat in Florida. They came to stay with the kids while hubby and I traveled to Uruguay. It is lap size and was stippled all over

Another scrap quilt

This one was started in 2006 and since I told myself to get all UFO's completed I just have to finish it.

Not terribly happy with the layout. somehow it kept growing in length so I had to add a big border to each side. Now it will actually drape over the sides of a bed. No name for this one yet. I am half way through stippling it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scrappy Boy

Made with many scraps from sewing my sons' clothes when he was young. Also used some curtains from a friend. The back fabric looks like little jelly beans! Stippled all over! Started in 2006 and finally finished Jan. 2009

Scrappy Girl

This one I started way back in 2003 and finally finished up in Jan. 2009. Made mostly from scraps I had from making my girls clothes when they were babies. I am not to happy with the lay-out, but love the colours.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Savannah & Sky

"Savannah and Sea" is the name of this quilt. Made for a couple presently living in Africa as their wedding present. Made from 4 charm packs...can't remember the name of them. I then stippled it using a variegated thread, back is a gold fabric. Sashing is a deep brown. totally different colours that I haven't used before!

Baby Rag quilt

this one was for the Vice Principal's new born son (Lily jumped up just as I was taking the picture.

This one was for my daughter's ballet teacher's new born son.

Phoenix Fan

I got on a quilting roll this winter and haven't stopped. I had forgotten how

much I enjoyed creating new quilts. This is a rag quilt for my son's friend (16) that is a huge Phoenix Suns fan.


This is our Lily. She always 'helps' me to sandwich my quilts together!

The Beginning

since this is my first post I am not sure what to write. I am off to Costco to restock the pantry and fridge before the hungry kids get home.