Friday, March 23, 2012

In a state of chaos…

Sorry for my absence from blogging.  I have been extremely busy preparing for our home renovations.  I am happy to say that all the major decisions have been made and that the work is progressing steadily.

It took me about a month to pack up and move things around the house so the workers could manoeuvre. This required  hubby and I relocating to our walk out basement; he is in our son’s room and me on the pull out couch.  Kitchen, dining room, living room, family room and our bedroom have all been emptied and stored everywhere around the house including the garage and at our neighbour’s.  The girls are stranded on the second floor with no bathroom so we all share the one in the basement!

This is only week 2, but all the demolition is done so now they have to but it all back together and make it look pretty. That will still take a month or so. 


D#2 and friend having fun before demo of her bathroom!   





We are having all new windows and doors installed, so some days it is rather chilly in the house with wide open holes in the walls, for sometimes an hour!  The new windows are so nice and cozy, & no drafts. Needless to say they are in every room of the house now! As I type I am stranded in my daughter’s bedroom as they work away on the basement windows today.  I had to send Lily to the neighbours as she was going a little crazy with all the distractions and mayhem. DSCN9059

new kitchen window!


Our bathroom


Kitchen as they were tearing down the sunshine ceiling…that was a messy day!

Anywhoooo…  while this is all going on I am busy in the basement at my sewing machine.  Mostly getting my girls’ dance costumes altered and ready for competition season in April and May.

I did manage to get this 9 patch UFO togetherWP_000901 It will be for our bedroom eventually.  I have to come up with a border for it to dress it up a bit.

In my absence what have you been working on? 

Have a great weekend

Happy stitching!