Quilt #1 "Teddy" 1991
Here you will find pictures of my first quilting projects.  Starting in 1991 when I made my first quilt for my son.  Took me 18 years later to make him his second quilt (for graduation).  As much as I tried I just couldn't get these to stay in order. (photography isn't the greatest)
'log cabin' Quilt #2 1992
log cabin close up. It took me hours to pick out this fabric 1992
"double Irish Chain' wedding present, hand quilted, queen size Quilt #3 1993
Sampler, for my sister,  hand quilted, queen size Quilt #4 1994
2nd scrap quilt using fabric from my daughter's clothes, Quilt #8

3rd scrap quilt (not my favourite) quilt #10 2007
made as a thank you gift Quilt # 7 2003


scrap quilt using up fabric from my son's clothes Quilt #9 2006

close up of Quilt #8 2006

wall hanging made 1994

close up of Quilt #10 2005


scrap quilt close up

First scrap quilt, queen size, stippled quilt #6 2002

Made 2002 friendship Tulip wallhanging from the Quilting group in Wassenaar, the Netherlands