Monday, June 25, 2012

LQS rant

On Saturday morning I declared to my family I was taking a 'me' day and going to a fabric sale.  So off I went at 9:30 to wait in line with other customers for this fabulous 40% of bolted fabric.  I know who could resist?

I was in with the first bunch of ladies!  I didn't really know what I was after since I haven't sewn in nearly 3 months, but I can always use solids.   After about 1/2 hr of wedging myself around my daughter joined me.  We chose fabric for her graduation quilt.  (I had wrapped up a package of batting and an IOU a quilt card for her high school graduation, felt terrible about that).  After making our selection I stood in line to have it cut while she went on her way.  If I had known it was going to take 2 HOURS to have mine cut I might have thought otherwise of my purchases.
There were other cutting tables with long lines, but occassionally one of the tables would have no line and then there were the line hoppers, argh!!!  We, the ladies around me, mentioned to the owner how the line for the other two tables isn't splitting off fairly....she did nothing.  So some folks were in and out of there in no time.  I got so tired of standing I actually sat on the ground.  I have never had an issue like this before at other stores.  We had the owner cutting and she wouldn't pile up 3 or 4 bolts to cut at once, CRAZY.  I might think twice about going to that sale again. 

Our selection

The black & white, turquoise and grey are for my daughter's quilt.  The solids for me and the one on the far right will be the backing for her quilt.  She wanted something totally different then the front so she can have a different look now and then.   
Have you ever encountered such an issue?
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Almost back....

I am almost back to normal around our house.  Just a few finishing touches remain of the renovations. 
I haven't been able to do any sewing for months, (which is driving me nuts)  but I hope that will change really soon.    I really miss my blogging buddies and seeing all your wonderful creative goodness. 

During my exteneded blogging absence I have:
  • renovated our house (well almost a few finishing touches are needed)
  • took a trip to Phoenix
  • watched my girls compete in 3 dance competitions,(2 out of town) one show case, one recital and one grand championships (also out of town)
  • moved our son back home from university
  • celebrated my son's 20th birthday
  • had a great visit with my sister for a week (she didn't mind the dust and chaos of renos)
  • celebrated my daughter's graduation from high school (can't believe it)
  • celebrated Mother and Father's days which included a visit from my father  :)
  • celebrated my youngest daugher's 13th birthday with a surprise birthday party
  • hubby & I took a quick trip to Ontario for my BFF, from high school, daughter's wedding and a quick visit with all our family, which included a helicopter ride with my nephew as pilot
  • cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more
  • celebrated with my daughter's entrance into Simon Fraser University :) & :(
  • moved boxes, furntiure, etc more times then I care to count.
  • not too mention all the normal things around the house that has to be done. 
  • attended the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts

Contractors should be done on Monday. Some floors on the main floor have to have a new clear coat due to some abrasion marks. Then we put it all back together again hooray!!
 I have my sewing area cleaned up.  I really hope to get to some sewing projects this week if I am lucky!
What are you working on?   You guys probably have a quilt or two finished by now!
Happy stitching everyone!