Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas one and all

Wishing all of my virtual friends a wonderful Merry Christmas with your family and friends
 Travel safely, eat lots and indulge in the happy days. 
From our house to yours Merry Christmas!
(now I better get in the shower and get ready for the festivities)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting there

I am getting ready for the holidays but I seem to be behind this year.  I have been busy preparing; baking decorating, shopping, wrapping, shipping packages etc. It all takes so much time.
News on the home front:
D#1 got her driver’s license on Saturday. She is already making her way across the city to school.  It is going to seem really strange not driving her to and from the bus (15 minutes there).
D#2 will be appearing in the Wizard of Oz production that is touring across North America.  They are performing here in Calgary, Dec 28-Jan 2. She will be one of the 12 Munchkins.
S#1 will be home next week from university. I am looking forward to having him in the house again. He is looking forward to home cooked meals.
I have made two quilts in two weeks.  I am exhausted but was so worth it. My brother is going through some issues and since I don’t live near him to give him a  hug I thought one of my quilts might help.  I used a Jelly Roll for the first time as well as some other fabric from my stash. DSCN7838DSCN7839
Every year my husband’s department supports a family in need. This year a silent auction was organized to help raise funds to buy the family some grocery gift cards etc.  I donated this wall hanging. I like it so much I might have to make myself one. DSCN7836
I have just returned from the dentist and half my mouth is frozen.  I am trying to eat some porridge without it running down my face.   I hope wherever you are, your preparations for the holidays are coming along well.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It’s beginning to look and smell like Christmas!!

Remember this pile of bins in my living room. Well they are slowly starting to disappear.  (although they are back in the basket waiting be put away again). DSCN7815Now it is starting to look a lot more like Christmas around the house. DSCN7826DSCN7827DSCN7829DSCN7833

Oh and one little finish for my girlfriend that loves snow flakes, real or fake!!


And the kids, big and little, were happy I finally started some Christmas baking….first up Snickerdoodles. Actually D#2 said “Don’t bother with decorating the house, just start baking!!!”DSCN7824

I hope wherever you are it is looking more festive!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow flowers

It is not everyday you see beautiful flowers in the winter snow!!!   Don’t they just pop on the bed of white snow?  You can see more lovely flowers blooming all over the world over at Karen’s One Flower Wednesday.
A special greeting to all my Nederland friends who will be celebrating the arrival of Sinterklaas soon.  He left a few snoepjes in our schoentjes this morning. Goede Sint alles!

Monday, November 29, 2010

weekend wrap up..

Once again we/I had a busy weekend.  Friday night was getting D#1 to and from work. D#2 had a friend over and was tobogganing across the street.  I continued to sew the binding on my nephew's quilt.
Saturday was spent with my daughters on a bottle drive. What's this you ask?  Well in Alberta all your pop, juice, milk, wine, beer containers have a enviro deposit on them. If you collect and take them back to your local bottle depot they give you your deposit back. So on a bottle drive you go door to door in you community and collect everyones bottles etc.  Some folks stock pile these and will give your garbage bag after garbage bag or boxes of their empties.  We usually make about $150 girl (about 25 girls participating). Not bad since I have the two. The funds raised go into their dance account to be used as we please for dance.  (which is probably more money then hockey!) Hubby had to go into the office. Sat. night was quiet in front of the tv, nice and relaxing. ( was continuing with the binding & cutting out some snow flakes)
Sunday I managed to get everyone to help me bring all the decoration boxes up from the basement.   I wonder now when I will do that! I started taking things down to make room for the decorations.  As well I did laundry, sewed a bit, and watched the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup.  I wasn't cheering for either side, but it was a good game.

decorations before

I finished this baby quilt a few weeks ago.  Its not for anyone in particular, just thought I would keep in my stash and maybe sell it later.  The back is flannel

nephew's quilt
Lily gives her approval (yes the picture is a bit blurry)

close up. little square will 'rag' up with use
Today I was at the mall for the morning.  I managed to get a few people off my present list!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Finally today I am taking the time to update my blog.  Let me tell you I have missed blogging and checking in on everyone. I have been rather busy with life and as you all know something always has to give, unfortunately it was blogging and sewing for me. 
What has kept me so busy this last month:
  • worked 3 days a week most of Oct and November
  • organized a silent auction (took over all my spare time)
  • celebrated my daughters Sweet 16
  • continue to drive the girls to dance, soccer, job every day & night
  • the usual cleaning, laundry, cooking etc.
  • get quotes on potential renovations
  • new furnace installed
  • sewing a few table runners for a ‘customer’
  • teaching  a 15 yr. old to drive
  • as of last week spending endless useless hours in the car since the roads are in such terrible condition from all the snow we have. one can’t get any where quickly
  • resigned from my job as of Dec 15th, big decision there after 13 yrs.
  • sewn a pillow top for a swap going to Ireland
Ok I think that is enough!  Now I will have to kick it into high gear to get ready for Christmas.
I have started my nephew’s quilt. Hard to decide what to make a 23 yr. old guy.  This weekend I buckled down and decided and started his quilt. I have the top done, minus a border, which I have to buy tomorrow.  I actually followed a pattern!

a bit of our snow fallDSCN7781
Easter runner for ‘customer’DSCN7761
Anna’s cake!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Mine is full of Dr's and dentist appointments, quilting, shopping etc

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Growing garden

Althought I have been away from blogging for quite some time, (and miss it) I have managed to get a few flowers done for my growing garden.  I should have taken a picture of them out side on Monday, because now we are under 6 " (15cm) of snow and it is not stopping.  I guess winter is here! yuck.
I will explain more about my absence tomorrow.  Now I am off to visit a few more hexagon flowers over at One Flower Wednesday. Won't you join me?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am still around

Hi all
I am still around, just super busy with life.  I have been  working 3 days a week this month. I am also organizing a silent auction for the parents association of our dance studio.  both are taking up a lot of my time.  boo hoo.  In the evenings I am running the girls to their dance classes or soccer games/practices. We have some household changes happening too, again a time sucker! 
After next week I hope to get back to my sewing machine and a bit of normal routine.   I miss my sewing.
before all this business started I managed to get theses placemats finished for my mom!   I just had to wait for them to get across Canada before I posted them.  Right mom!!

well back to working on auction stuff and tidying the house.

have a great week all!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quilting Gallery contest

Once again I have entered the Quilting Gallery's virtual quilting contest.  I have entered my niece's string quilt. 

If you have a moment can you go over there to vote for me.

thank you and have a great weekend

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dance and practice....


This is what I have been doing while my girls are either at dance class or soccer practice.   I have received a lot of inquires as to just what exactly I am stitching.  So now I make sure I have a finished flower in my kit to show.  This week we had many practices and I finished these two flowers.
If you want to see what others are making then stop by One Flower Wednesday to see more blossoms.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving


Wishing all my fellow Canadian bloggers a very happy and thankful Thanksgiving.  We are blessed with gorgeous weather here today. Great day to get out for a walk while the turkey is in the oven!!

Best Wishes,


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


  It all started when I saw a wonderful pile of leaves outside my kitchen window. (which have now blown away)  We are finally having a beautiful sunny fall. Most of the leaves have now fallen but the golden hue in the valley with the sporadic green of evergreens is still beautiful to look at. These colours inspired me to make a fall quilt. (like I need another project")

DSCN7740My "leaves" were these bits and pieces of fabrics.  Inspired by Bonnie Hunter's crumb piecing method.  (

 DSCN7741I got to work using up almost this whole basket  of crumbs. It was full to start.

DSCN7742 They turned into these 4" blocks! Once you get stared it is hard to stop.



Some blocks became even bigger as I grabbed some strips and kept adding.


These are now 12"blocks.DSCN7745

I am winging it as I go, I don't know how this will turn out.  Not sure of the size, the lay out or anything. 

Kind of like a pile of leaves blowing around, who knows how they will land!  Stay tuned to see how this turns out!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One little flower

DSCN7749 One little flower lying all alone, wondering if she will ever have a home.  Don’t worry little flower, one day you will be part of a beautiful flower garden.

If you want to see more beautiful growing gardens go to Karen blog at Journey of a Quilter for One Flower Wednesday. You won’t be disappointed.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Flower Wednesday and other finishes

I didn’t think I would be able to post anything today for One Flower Wednesday as I didn’t have any flowers completed, until…..I went to the hair salon today.  As I was waiting for the magic to happen in my hair I managed to get a flower together. DSC_9129 Since I had the camera out and the blog open I thought I would show you a few other finishes that have happened lately.  DSC_9130 DSC_9134 These  are table runners that I have made as a request.  She wanted one whimsical runner and one DSC_9132traditional runner.  I also have to make her a Easter runner too! All gifts for her MIL!


This rag quilt (below) is ever so special.  Another friend asked me to make her daughter, 11yr, a rag quilt using her receiving blankets.  Let me tell you I was a little nervous to cut these precious keepsakes, but she reassured me it was ok.  She even had some of her own, but I didn’t cut these as they were just to fragile. I added the yellow and the plaid flannel to bring in some colour.  It isn’t huge, just big enough to cuddle and hug!

These two placemats were made for “Meals on Wheels” charity. Our guild is making them in time to be handed out at Christmas. Thus one side is Christmas and they other for everyday.  DSC_9137

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Flower Wednesday

Now I know why it is called One Flower Wednesday...that is all I managed to get done this week.

If you want to see more wonderful flowers blooming then go to One Flower Wednesday and follow the links.

 I have been working on other projects, which I will post about soon.

Have a great week.