Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last of Genevieve's quilts for Vintage Thingy Thursday

Saving the best for last for another, Vintage Thingy Thursday hosted by Suzanne at Colorado Lady. This treasure of a quilt is another, and the last one we have, from my Great Grandmother. this one is in the possession of my mother.
As a kid I remember having this one on my white canopy bed for many years. I believe the flowers are poppies, but please correct me if I am wrong. The edges are scalloped with a red binding.

Again I am in awe of her stitches and eye for detail. The colours are getting a bit faded, but after so many washings over the years I am not surprised.

this feather stitch (below) I want to learn to do on my machine.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have you ever........????

Have you ever.....thought you are going to start one project and then completely go a different route? Well I sure have. I decided to join Amanda Jean's second 9-patch quilt along. this would be my first quilt-along and I was excited. the night before I couldn't sleep just thinking about what I would make and with which fabrics (oh ya it suppose to be a scrap one!) Well since I am still building my scrap inventory I decided I would use my retro fabrics that I have been buying off and on lately. Somehow or another my brain took over and I choose fabrics (all from my fat quarters) that would match my bedroom (which doesn't have one of my quilts). Of course once I got going how could one stop at just one little old 9-patch....I got carried away.....I must have about 50 done now. (not all shown here) The pillow is from my bed.
In the quilt-a-long she has sashing between each block. I wonder should I do that or not? PLEASE help me with any suggestions.

My Lily is so funny. She has to be whereever I am. She loves to find new hiding spots. this time she is under the shelving unit that is in my sewing area. There must only be about 4" to squeeze into but she loves it there...weird.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday....

Well if it isn't Vintage THingy Thursday already. Gosh even in the summer the weeks go flying by. Featured again this week from me, is another of my Great Grandmother's quilts. I am still amazed at the work that she did. maybe one day my great grand children will admire mine too! This is a real gem of a quilt, all hand pieced and quilted, unfortunately the backing fabric is sterribley fadded, but the front is still beautiful. My sister is in possession of this one.

I love the scalloped edges and the randomness of the fabric. Her stitching is so tiny, I can only hope one day mine will be so good.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this quilt. I am off to my own mini quilt retreat today. The kids asked me what I wanted for my birthday (yesterday) I said "peace and quiet and a day where I didn't have to make anyboday anything, drive anybody anywhere, referee and I could sew (or blog) all day sun up to sun down." I wonder if it will work or not. I hear feet above me getting ready for summer camp and one has left for summer school already...fingers crossed it works. Ok off to the machine.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A few finishes!!!

Although it is summer our sewing machines are still humming just not as often. I am so proud of D#1. She made these three purses for her dance teachers as thank you gifts. I started helping her do the cutting of the fabrics (a mix of stash and bought) but by the third bag she was on her own. She asked each of the teachers what their 3 favourite colours were. Hopefully they like them. The pattern is from Lazy Girl Designs, Miranda Bag. The patterns are really easy to follow.

I liked how easy the pattern was to follow so much I then picked up the Perfect Pouches pattern and made some to go in the bags for the teachers. They are soooo soooo easy.

Now for my finish. I have a cousin (well distant cousin in lineage and geopgraphy) she lives in Kansas. Unfortunately she is undergoing chemo treatments. She has her good days and bad days, so I wanted to make her a quilt wrap around her when she was having a bad day. So a couple of weeks ago I asked her what her three favourite colours, green and brown, she replied. Yikes those are Christmas colours! I really wanted to make her a quilt but didn't want it to look too Christmassy So i searched through my stash and fat quarters and came up with these. Not Christmassy, but more earthy, forest like. I just made up the pattern as I went along. I tried to put the squares randomly, but I don't think my brain likes that!

I had a hard time quilting this. I was going to go chriss-cross over the 9 patches, but was having a hard time keeping in the ditch. Then when I wanted to do the free motion I decided I wanted to add "looped-d-loops". Well my new machine was not cooperating and I had to tear out and tear out again. I was getting really frustrated. Quilting looked good on top, but not the bottom. In the end I think it might have been the thread I was using, but who knows. I got it finished and that is what counts. It is not my favourite, but I sure hope Susie likes it.

Actually looking at it here it doesn't seem too bad. I did have to buy the red border fabric but the rest came from the stash!!! :) And that is a good thing

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yet another one from Genevieve

For those of you that aren't familiar with Vintage Thingy Thursday, Suzanne at Colorado Lady host this event weekly. We all post something that is 'Vintage'. We are having router problems so I am a little late getting this posted. (i am sitting with my laptop hardwired into the back of the kids desktop in order to get internet, not very comfortable) ;(
In my case I have been posting about my Great Grandmother's quilts that either my sister, mom or I have. They are amazing pieces of work and we are so fortunate to have them still. Most are in excellent condition. The one pictured here is one my sister has. She used it for years on her guest bed. I love the appliqued tulips (tulips are my favourite flower). Her stitches are so small and delicate. the colours are still pretty vivid. I guess these were made in the 30's or 40's.

Until next week, hope you all have a good one!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fabric buying spreeeeeeee

1930's My collection of retro fabrics seems to be growing. I think i am inspired by my great grandma's quilts and would like to make one using these fabrics. Anyone have a great retro style pattern to share? I was thinking pinwheel, but any ideas would be helpful.
PRETTY...I just couldn't pass up these pretty pink, green, white and brown fabrics.

HOHO holiday fabric...not sure what this will be but I loved the whimsy of the fabric.
GOOOOAALL This will be a quilt for my nephew that will be 8 in November. He is a fantastic little soccer player. Not sure what pattern yet.
ah so cozy. D#1 choose these to make a rag quilt for herself....might have to help with that
Strickly for the stash, which is slowly starting to build. most of these were purchased this past Saturday as my favourite shop was having a 50% off all fabrics for 3 hours. Of course I was there before the doors opened. D#1 was a great help standing in line while i elbowed my way through to grab bolts. Could have bought more but then I think I will wait until August and another Master Card statement!!! hahaha

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday....already!

I guess like the saying goes...time flies when you are having fun! Can't believe another week has gone by. Don't forget to visit the other bloggers at Vintage Thingy Thursday for some more unique and interesting Vintage items.
One tradition that has been in my family for 4 generations is making cookies. Both my daughter and I love to make cookies. At Christmas time we always make cut-out sugar cookies. We have been using the same recipe that my mom and her foster mom used for years. Last summer when I was at the family homestead in Ohio, my dad gave me some old cookie cutters knowing that we are always baking cookies. Instead of keeping them in a box, I have them hanging on either side of my kitchen window ( no space for anything else really). I did buy a few more last fall at an antique store. I love to think of who might have used them and how many cookies they have made. I will continue to look for more on my travels this summer.
Happy Vintage Thingy Thursday!
P.S. I think my post last week didn't work, so scroll down to see some of the tools that my great grandmother use to us to make her croheted doilies, or tating, knitting, check out the name on the pin box!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anyone actually reading my blog?

Hellooooo out there in blog land!
Is anyone out there actually reading my blog?
Even if you have just dropped in for a quick look, would you mind dropping me a short comment. I am just curious as to how many folks are actually reading my blog. I know we are all busy with summer activities but it would be great if you could. Also, let me know where you are from. Better yet become a follower if you want to.
Thanks a bunch
Happy July!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vintage Thingy Thursday

Sorry I missed last week, but with the end of school activities and work just couldn't find the time. Any way this week for Vintage Thingy Thursday, hosted by Suzanne of Colorado Lady, I thought I would show you some of the tools that my Great Grandmother use to use when crocheting and tatting. At some point I hope to put these all in a frame to hang in my 'dream sewing room'. have to run take the car to have new windshield put in, take dog in to be spayed (she is not going to like me) and get #1 off to summer school. I will post some projects I have been working on in my quilting world later this week.

Have a good one