Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have you ever........????

Have you ever.....thought you are going to start one project and then completely go a different route? Well I sure have. I decided to join Amanda Jean's second 9-patch quilt along. this would be my first quilt-along and I was excited. the night before I couldn't sleep just thinking about what I would make and with which fabrics (oh ya it suppose to be a scrap one!) Well since I am still building my scrap inventory I decided I would use my retro fabrics that I have been buying off and on lately. Somehow or another my brain took over and I choose fabrics (all from my fat quarters) that would match my bedroom (which doesn't have one of my quilts). Of course once I got going how could one stop at just one little old 9-patch....I got carried away.....I must have about 50 done now. (not all shown here) The pillow is from my bed.
In the quilt-a-long she has sashing between each block. I wonder should I do that or not? PLEASE help me with any suggestions.

My Lily is so funny. She has to be whereever I am. She loves to find new hiding spots. this time she is under the shelving unit that is in my sewing area. There must only be about 4" to squeeze into but she loves it there...weird.

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  1. I have seen her quilt a long done a few different ways. Someone used white square in between the 9 patches to make it bigger, Red Pepper quilts used a square in a square technique instead of the sashing. I too have not decided what I am going to do.


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