Thursday, April 2, 2015

Vacation #2

As they say....everything always comes at once. Home for 36 hours and I was back up in the air again 
At Christmas my kids have me tickets to a Maroon 5 concert in Vancouver. So off I was to meet daughter #1 and go to the concert. She managed to get excellent floor seats. And at times Adamevine was so close. 
It was an exciting night. 
The next couple of days were spent doing motherly things for mydaughter while she was at class, internship or rehearsal.  A big grocery shopping, food prepped and cooked for the freezer, and some baking all got done. Laundry and a apartment tidy were also completed.  I did manage some sightseeing on my own. 
Another highlight of this trip was watching my daughter dance again. Love  watching her grace the stage in her contemporary dance pieces; always interesting and so original
That's her on the promotional poster. 
Very proud of her 

Today it's back home and back to reality. 

I've missed my Lily and Lucey. 

Happy stitching

Vacation #1

It's been a busy couple of weeks. 
Hubby, daughter 2 and I had some great R'n R at a week's vacation in Puerto Moreales, Mexico. 

We enjoyed the blue skies, blue pools and turquoise ocean. Oh and the daily Mud Slides, buffets, nachos, walks on the beach too

And now we wait for spring and warm weather at home. 

Happy Stitching