Monday, November 29, 2010

weekend wrap up..

Once again we/I had a busy weekend.  Friday night was getting D#1 to and from work. D#2 had a friend over and was tobogganing across the street.  I continued to sew the binding on my nephew's quilt.
Saturday was spent with my daughters on a bottle drive. What's this you ask?  Well in Alberta all your pop, juice, milk, wine, beer containers have a enviro deposit on them. If you collect and take them back to your local bottle depot they give you your deposit back. So on a bottle drive you go door to door in you community and collect everyones bottles etc.  Some folks stock pile these and will give your garbage bag after garbage bag or boxes of their empties.  We usually make about $150 girl (about 25 girls participating). Not bad since I have the two. The funds raised go into their dance account to be used as we please for dance.  (which is probably more money then hockey!) Hubby had to go into the office. Sat. night was quiet in front of the tv, nice and relaxing. ( was continuing with the binding & cutting out some snow flakes)
Sunday I managed to get everyone to help me bring all the decoration boxes up from the basement.   I wonder now when I will do that! I started taking things down to make room for the decorations.  As well I did laundry, sewed a bit, and watched the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup.  I wasn't cheering for either side, but it was a good game.

decorations before

I finished this baby quilt a few weeks ago.  Its not for anyone in particular, just thought I would keep in my stash and maybe sell it later.  The back is flannel

nephew's quilt
Lily gives her approval (yes the picture is a bit blurry)

close up. little square will 'rag' up with use
Today I was at the mall for the morning.  I managed to get a few people off my present list!


  1. Well, really - how could you cheer for a team that wears watermelons on their heads? Unlike those Awesome Alouettes! Your rag quilt looks so cozy!

  2. Cute Quilts! And so is your Lily, she looks so much like my Lilly!! Just a difference in the spelling of their names :0
    This morning my DD took out all my decorations and hauled the boxes upstairs. I was busy quilting a customers project and came down from the Studio and she had all the garlands up!!
    Awesome!! She was feeling a little festive so decided to get the job done and surprise me

  3. I like what you have done!! And yes, when will the Christmas decorations go up?? I was away for the week and thought that as a surprise, they would have made this house Christmassy, considering they were in the storage room re-arraning things! but, no, they did not bring anything out!!! Guess it's my job after all!!! Love the newfews quilt!! Good sewing!

  4. Enjoy getting your Christmas decorations up, Lee!

    Your nephews quilt is quite handsome and will be so cozy, especially with those small raggy patches.


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