Sunday, December 5, 2010

It’s beginning to look and smell like Christmas!!

Remember this pile of bins in my living room. Well they are slowly starting to disappear.  (although they are back in the basket waiting be put away again). DSCN7815Now it is starting to look a lot more like Christmas around the house. DSCN7826DSCN7827DSCN7829DSCN7833

Oh and one little finish for my girlfriend that loves snow flakes, real or fake!!


And the kids, big and little, were happy I finally started some Christmas baking….first up Snickerdoodles. Actually D#2 said “Don’t bother with decorating the house, just start baking!!!”DSCN7824

I hope wherever you are it is looking more festive!


  1. Looks lovely at your house Lee - happy decorating and baking!

  2. It's looking like Christmas! and I have to start baking cookies too!

  3. It looks lovely. I'm hoping to get started on the baking this weekend. We don't actually put the tree up until the 24th.

    Do you do anything for sinterklaas? One of my friends does, so they make sure they have the tree up intime for that.


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