Friday, April 10, 2009

Diamonds or Squares?

Now that the sashing is on, I have to decide what colour to use as borders. Any help would be great!
Coming along and I think looking pretty decent! I had to go to the store for more red! Oh well more for the stash!

Red sashing it will be.....just not sure when!
72 diamonds
Putting the halves together

With inspiration from this website and amazing quilter Quiltville, I have started this scrap quilt. Haven't decided which layout to use yet.
Well it looks like diamonds it will be! And after much deliberation, my 9 yr old helped, we decided to do red sashing. I have 72 squares to sash and put together!


  1. Hi There, I'm Nancy and I just wanted to let you know I dropped in. I've been looking at your 2009 pieces...beautiful. I really need to get busy.

  2. OOPS...posted this in the wrong place, sorry, LOL.


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