Thursday, August 27, 2009

My first swap

Well I received my first evey swap quilt this week from the Good Ole Summertime Quilt Swap. I was so excited to open the package when I got home from vacation. I could hardly wait to open the package, but had to get the kids in the door, suitcases emptied, laundry started etc. I wanted the opening to be special and not rushed. I am so glad I took the time. The came all the way from Norway.
It is truly beautiful and I want to thank my swapper, Anne for making this
for me. I love the little x stitches she made on the back ground fabric. Thank you too for all the lovely post cards from Norway. I have always wanted to visit that country, maybe next time we are in Europe.


  1. Hi Lee!! I`m glad you liked it!! I think this swaping is so fun!! This is my second swap, and I will do more, for sure!! It was so fun when the picture came up in my blog!! If you want to visit my blog, you find the translation thing on the side. It`s not very good, but you will understand most of it!! Anne:-)


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