Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quilter’s ABC’s

Sunday I ventured out in our miserable weather to visit the 15th annual Festival of Quilts held at Heritage Park here in Calgary.
The park is such a great venue to showcase the amazing and brilliant quilters of Alberta. Due to the awful weather (we had snow last week) all the quilts had to be hung inside. Last year it was gorgeous weather and the quilts were hanging all over, on fence posts, railings, second storey balconies etc. I still enjoyed seeing all the workmanship and unique designs that quilting has to offer.
I especially liked this Quilter's Alphabet and wanted to share it with you: I am furiously trying to get my son's graduation quilt finished. I am just working on the borders. I can only work on it when he is out of the house as we share the rec. room in the basement. However, I think he is pretty oblivious to my sewing when he walks by.

Last night I went to my guild's meeting. I came home with a charity quilt to quilt. Gosh I wonder when I will get to that; good thing there is no deadline!

Off to work I go.

What are you working on?


  1. Too many things, with too little time. I keep thinking I have less and less to do and then realize it is actually more.

  2. As usual I’m working on way too many projects..!
    But as long as we’re having fun... who cares!?!?

  3. Just discovered your blog today. Looking forward to getting to know you. I'm intrigued that you do a bit of genealogy - one of my interests that has dropped into the background lately - where do you do your research? WIPs: a Bible Block quilt, a D9P, a table runner, a Joan's Own - and lots more that I want to do, just not getting to them.


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