Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh what a week it has been.

Monday & Tuesday: My BFF and quilting buddy's husband suffered a heart attack on Monday morning. I was out in the garden at the time and heard ambulances and knew they were close but didn't realize they were at her house around the corner down the street. He is doing well and has been released from hospital yesterday already. The timing of everything made the procedures and care first rate. So needless to say I was busy helping her get to and from the hospital, making etc meals, doing extra laundry, cleaning up two kitchens etc. They have done so much for us over the years I didn't have a problem helping them out at all.

Wednesday: was our 20th anniversary. My husband came home from work with beautiful yellow and pink roses. I also received a very beautiful pair of diamond earrings…! they are gorgeous! We spent the evening at our son's soccer game!!! Maybe this weekend we can go out to celebrate.

Thursday: I worked, rushed home to get daughter #2 and then rushed to the university (MRU) to watch both daughters performing in their competition show case for family and friends. What an evening. We always enjoy watching them on stage. Glad we were inside as outside it was SNOWING. Yep you read right snowing in May, unbelievable!

Friday: I was supposed to be joining daughter #2 class on an all day outdoor field trip to a conservation area. I bailed. Just couldn't see myself being outside in the rain/snow with no shelter, bathrooms etc for 5 hrs. I am just getting over a cold and didn't want to go downhill again. So instead she slept in, I have baked banana bread and a few other chores. I really hope I can get to sewing today too.
I have been working on these pinwheel squares for a few weeks now. Just not sure how to put them all together, with or without sashing? It all started by making a sample block who was having trouble getting her points to line up. I offered to make one to see if I had the same problems. Turns out I didn't and she just needs to be a bit more accurate in cutting.

I have started my son's quilt..more on that later.


  1. Wow Lee you have had a crazy week! So nice that you are able to help out your friend in her time of need. That's what friends do and we are happy to do it!
    I really like the pinwheel quilt you are working on. Is the blue fabric what you are thinking of for the sashing? If it is, I love it. It really makes the pinwheels POP!
    So far we haven't seen any snow but it's cold and rainy and miserable. Just Yucky! but a great day to quilt!!

  2. Hello Lee, I am glad your BFF is doing well...can be a bit of a the colours in your Pinwheel blocks...Warm Regards, Lyn

  3. I love the colors in this pinwheel quilt and your string quilt in the post below. I may have to try one, one of these days. Both are very striking quilts. Glad your BFF's husband is doing o.k. That's a scary thing.

  4. I guess you'd lose the blocks if there is no sashing. The colour works but regular 2" sashing is pretty standard. If you want a non traditional look go with the very narrowest sahing you are comfortable with.

  5. I generally don't like sashing, but in this case the separation does give the blocks the full effect of the pinwheel. The bright colour draws the eye - if you want the pinwheels to be the only star of the show, perhaps a white sashing would separate the blocks but let the pinwheels do their thing. so sorry to hear of your SNOW - that's CRAZY - and it gives Canada a bad name! Congratulations on your 20th anniversary - that's a real milestone!

  6. the blocks look awesome! I'm having trouble answering the sashing/no sashing question though without having a mock-up of it without sashing. I need to see what the secondary pattern between the pinwheels would look like to make an informed decision. :)


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