Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Third finish... A Repair Job

Now I don't claim to be a quilt restorer, but I have brought back life to a few quilts. My lastest was for my friend Sheryl. She made this quilt back in the 90's, can't you tell by the fabrics? It looks just like my 2nd quilt colours. She never quilted it, but only tied it and did a rolled edge binding. Over the years they have loved and used it alot. maybe a little too much love!
uh oh something happened
so I did a little hiding of the tear
I even found some fabric from the same vintage!
I quilted it as best I could in the ditch and around 1 square

Now they can love it for many more years!


  1. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful way to repair the torn area. Beautiful! Hugs...

  2. Great repair - can't tell at all!

  3. that looks great. I have one I need to fix - my fist quilt.... I do not even want to start it...... I really should. Yup, I really should. Thanks for the insperation.

  4. Great repair job!! Now that it's well quilted it will last many more years!!!


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