Sunday, November 20, 2011

Second Up….computer pouch and case

So my good friend Ria gets to escape winter every year by leaving me and heading to Phoenix. Lucky her.
A couple of days before her departure she asks me to make her a pouch/sleeve/bag for her laptop that she would be travelling with.  Let me just say she is a PINK girl through and through.   She has a PINK winter coat, PINK shoes, PINK mitts, hat etc. She even has a PINK laptop.
Yep you read correctly. This funky PINK laptop needed a cool fabric and I had just the one. (sorry I am not a fabric line name knowing kind of person, I just buy what I like or what is on sale) DSCN8735DSCN8736DSCN8737

Doesn’t it  look all cozy in it’s pouch, fits perfectly too.  Although the laptop fit, all the cords and the mouse didn’t fit so ….
an accessory pouch was created, perfect for cords and mice!!! She squealed when she saw her name embroidered on. 
I hope she is soaking up those desert sun rays. Snow is falling here.


  1. What a great pink laptop and I love the cover you made!

  2. I love my laptop cover and matching pouch! It's perfect. At security at the airport there was a lady next to me taking off her shoes and my laptop cover caught her I had to show her! She said I have a nice friend. I said yes she's wonderful and I am very lucky!

  3. That's a great pouch! So much prettier than those bags you can buy in the 'puter store!

  4. Like the cover and pouch. I'm telling myself I have to make those for my laptop for years now.
    Maybe a new project for 2012...


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