Saturday, November 26, 2011

First quilts

Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville,(one of my favourite quilters/designer/author) is having a linky party to show case your first quilts. 

according to this newspaper clipping I helped to make a quilt block in Grade 3
This should be interesting to see.   We have all changed and grown in our quilting lives. I started quilting just about 20 years ago now. I had a few years where I didn't do any due to having my three kids.    My hands have always been busy stitching something.  I think I started when I was in grade 4 with knitting classes as a school elective.  Then I did some embroidery on my own.  I remember making some bibs.  I took a  night class in high school to learn to crochet.  I took up cross stitch at college and made many of those through the years. 

My real quilting journey started just before my first baby was born.  I took a class at a community center.  The machine I was working on was from the 50's and heavy.  I had to have my husband carry it in for me.  It was a sample machine that my grandfather's company was thinking of selling/making, but didn't.  It really hadn't been used over the years just stored in his basement.

I made this quilt for Chris.  Each snow ball was made with a template as were the corner triangles. I hand quilted it. It got trickier and harder to quilt as my belly grew and my arms got shorter!!! Each snowball has a teddy bear quilted into it.  I have pulled it out of the closet now and then only to realize I must have been off on some seam allowances as they are starting to come apart already.  ONe thing I do know, I am so glad they found easier and quicker ways to make snow balls!!  No more cutting of triangles!!

This is my second quilt ever.  I made it for a friend that was getting married.  However, she called the wedding off and I ended up keeping the quilt.  (she did end up marrying). I really loved making the log cabin. So simple but looks really complex.  

Join Bonnie at Quiltville and post about your 'First.

Have a great weekend.



  1. My first one has serious seam issues too ... I don't know what I was thinking! Good on you for hand quilting your first quilt, it still looks good.

  2. Congrats on starting to quilt so young hehe :) Both your firsts look great. I can't believe you hand quilted it, while pregnant too. I am very impressed :) I found you through the link up and linked up my own first too :)

  3. I think if I had hand quilted my first quilt there wouldn't have been a second one! These are both great quilts.

  4. That is a neat newspaper, quilting in the 3rd grade...impressive! HA!!

    I too hand quilted my first one, didn't know what I was doing either. It took me 23 years to complete that quilt!

    Your two quilts are great! Especially the wedding one you got to keep...woo hoo!!

  5. How fun to look back and see how far you have come. I wonder how many of us started quilting about the time we started having babies?


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