Thursday, November 17, 2011


Once again it has been awhile since i posted. I guess I have had some busy weeks.   Since my last posting I have:
  • I got my hair cut a lot shorter
  • continue with domestic duties (they never end)
  • did a bit of purging around the house
  • finished my placemats
  • finished a wall hanging...only had the sleeve to hand stitch
  • started quilting my sister's quilt with a new to me stitch
  • went to Vancouver an extended weekend to university shop with #2
  • celebrated her 17th birthday this week (that is hard to believe)
  • started on a string quilt because I wanted to
  • finished up all the after items for the Silent Auction I organized (we raised over $16,000)
  • tidied up the yard for winter
  • survived my husband gone on a 2 week business trip
  • continuing to plan for our upcoming renovations, so meeting with trades etc
  • sewed a computer bag and matching pouch for a friend
Now I need to get some photos up of all that I have been doing.   Off to take pictures, so I guess this will be a two part post......stay tuned!  (oh and get some housework done)

In the meantime, answer this: 
Do you ever sew just 'cause? 
What is your 'just 'cause' reason?

Happy Stitching


  1. Wow, what a list!! You've been busy. I love to see the pictures! I never need a reason to sew. I can completely lost myself in a (sew)project and forget all things that I should be doing instead.

  2. YES!!! I often sew 'just cause' because sewing is like therapy for me. I have Scleroderma and when I'm having a flare up, or get very stress, which irritates the Sclero, I head for my sewing room. It calms me, and even works to relieve for stress, as soon as I walk into my sewing room it starts to melt away. Also, if I'm not able to sit at my sewing machine, I will sit and work on some stitchery projects, many of them quilt blocks and it serves me almost as well as working in my sewing room. How about you? Hugs...

  3. I quilt because it is something just for me, though most things I give away. It was an easier thing to do than crochet or knit when my kids were younger, because it is harder to unravel.

  4. you really have been busy - not sure where you find the time. I thought sewing 'just 'cause' was the only reason necessary.


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