Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did you see that UFO fly away......????

Yep it is true I saw a UFO fly away to the land of finished projects. I am still wondering what possessed me to suddenly pick this one up and finish it off. What ever it was I am glad I did and got it finished. It has been in the WIP pile since 2003. Now this is not one of my prettiest quilts. In fact I had entered it into the Quilting Gallery's ugliest quilt contest this summer. It didn't win, but that is ok. I used up fabric from the early 90's that includes stuff from earlier quilts and clothing from my kids. I wish now, I had chosen a different layout, but as they say "hind sight is 20-20". The quilt is long and narrow and weighs a ton! I just did an all over stippling pattern to quilt it. There was a day that I would have hand quilted it, but not anymore. Yes that is my Lily in the foreground. She has to be beside me at every move, never missing an opprotunity to get in a photo.


  1. I liked how you framed the sections of blocks using red sashing - it makes the quilt pop!

  2. Hooray.. you've got a quilt finished! I love it, its squares and nine patch, my faforite! Well done!

  3. I think this is a really cool quilt! Definately NOT ugly!
    And your puppy is adorable!


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