Thursday, April 8, 2010

Practice practice practice....

I have been wanting, for some time now, to work on making HST's. There are many patterns I adore that use them, but I haven't felt comfortable making them. So many of the patterns call for 3 7/8" squares and that just scares me! Reading Bonnie Hunter 's website introduced me to the Easy Angle Ruler and I couldn't be more pleased with my HST's using this ruler. Most of the fabric is from Connecting Threads .

This table runner I made very quickly! My daughter is visiting a friend of a friend's cattle ranch for a couple of days for her spring break and I wanted to send a gift along. It is super long and I hope it goes with their decor (I haven't been to their place).

Finished string quilt in the washer right now.....stay tuned for those pictures.


  1. Good for you! There are so many ways to make HSTs and they all work pretty well. I use the Easy Angle ruler and like it very well. Here's another tip for you - if the 7/8 thing gives you the willies, just cut your pieces 4" square and trim down to the finished size. Your runner looks great!



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