Friday, August 13, 2010


As promised in previous posts, I said I would host a giveaway if I reached over 50 followers...well I have!!!.
Batting scraps!

I will keep the entry 'rules' pretty simple.

 See this pile of batting scraps?  I have a few bags full of these scraps. For some reason I save them thinking there is a great use for them.  Can you help me come up with a way to use them.
Leave me a comment for their use and you are entered.  (simple enough)

For another chance to enter, become a follower of my blog!!

Oh you want to know what is up for grabs.

Well I made 'you' 3 little note cards (with envelopes) using up scraps (thanks Katherine for the idea),  1 of these medium pouches  which is one of my favourite gifts to sew and one charm pack of 'A Sip of Summer' from Connecting Threads.

giveaway gifts
Giveaway will be open until August 22, 12:00 MST.  Tell a friend if you wish. International entries are more then welcome.


  1. I have used them to stuff pillows and have made dog beds for the local pet shelter, its washable and they love the donations.
    Love that pouch never have enough of those to carry my sewing tools on the go
    thanks and congrats on your followers it will be 100 before you know it!

  2. I save mine as well. The last bunch got used as the stuffing for a little scottie dog.

  3. I save some as well, not the really skinny pieces. They've come in handy for coasters and when I did some cup sleeves (instead of the cardboard ones you can get at Timmy's). I've even found that they can be zig-zagged together and work for some medium size projects, like a pillow top. Congrats again on getting over the 50 mark!!

  4. I'm a little obsessive but I zigzag any pieces 1 inch wide or more together and use them in small projects like bags, placemats etc.

    The really small pieces I throw away. I don't throw much away so I allow myself that small indulgence.

    Thanks for a chance at your nice giveaway.

  5. I have been using such small strips, when making potholders with Log Cabin on both sides and making bothe sides at the same time - difficult to explaine - but it worked.
    Cut them smaller and use the pieces as stuffing for animals, pin cushions ...
    Have a nice weekend :-). And not to forget - congratulation with more than 50 followers.

  6. After reading all the comments before me, I also save my batting scraps and use them similarly. Thanks for a chance to win your giveaway and congrats on 50+ followers (including moi!)

  7. I use the little pieces for things like coasters and book marks. I love the idea for dog beds at the shelter.

  8. I also zig zag pieces together and use the smaller batting pieces on any smaller projects. The smallest scraps I'm saving to use as cushion stuffing.

    Congrats on 50 followers!

    Awesome goodies for your giveaway, Lee.

  9. I save my pieces, too. Just recently I used 'em to stuff a cushion for my rollinator, to rest my knee on. To that end, they do make great pillow fill! Congrats on the followers. :)

  10. I have heard of them being used for pet pillows for the Humane Society. I also know of people who have used them to stuff doll pillows to go with doll quilts.

  11. I save all my pieces too. The "bigger" pieces will be zig zaged together and be used for tablerunners, placemats etc. and the little pieces I use to stuff my sneggle (there is one on my blog in August), pincusions, small pillows. Thanks and congrates on the followers :-)

  12. You can wrap them around a wooden coat hanger then cover with a gorgeous cover decorated with hexies or put a stitchery on the cover. Make a little bag and fill with lavender and cloves to keep away moths and silverfish