Monday, September 13, 2010

working like a mad man (woman)

Yep that is right I am on a cleaning mission.  This house is awful. Neglected over the summer with everyone home, coming and going, doors and windows open, dust blowing in. Our weather is awful, raining, grey and cold..good day for cleaning because tomorrow I am going on a field trip.
 I am going to Katherine's house, fellow blogger of Sew Me Something Good. She won my giveaway this summer. Lucky for us we are in the same city and not too far from each other.  I am going to deliver her winnings and we are going to sit and sew awhile. 
I am so looking forward to it.

Back to cleaning floors and bathrooms! (yuck my knees are killing me)


  1. You lucky duck! Please say hi to Katherine! I wish we all lived in the same town. Wouldn’t that be great?!

  2. You are right when the summer ends the autumn cleaning should starts. My house needs deep cleaning, too. Maybe that 's what i will do this weekend. :)


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