Friday, February 4, 2011

Play, relax, work!

Well that is Lily’s philosophy.

 As soon as I go down to my sewing area, I have to play  fetch with this very squeaky toyDSCN8105 for a least 15 min. She drops it right by the pedal, so I have no choice.  But if we play long enough then she will sleep and give me time to sew. (just like a kid!)


I did manage to finish this little table topper that will go on my kitchen island!


Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Really sweet , it will look great on your island . Your little dog is adorable .

  2. What a smart dog. lol. My cat keeps messy on the table with the machine trying to get into the thread and fabric until it falls asleep on the sewing machine - NOT helpful.


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