Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Do you use these when washing your quilts?


I use them and look at the difference between a used on and a new one

 It caught all the colour from this quilt when it washed. 

Unfortunately, they are not being sold in Canada anymore. 
 So my fellow Canadians, if you are going south of the border or have a snowbird friend there, bring them back with you.   I even called SC Johnson and they couldn't give me an explanation as to why there weren't be sold in Canada anymore. 


  1. That's not good news at all! I LOVE my color catchers and use them all the time. Can you buy from Amazon? They still sell them. I wonder if I should buy a case of them, just in case the same happens in the US?

  2. you freaked me out. I thought you found them up here! I've been looking everywhere!!!! ugh. yes i've used them, especially on quilts with white, blue and red...

  3. All I can say is that I wish I had used them, but I couldnt find them. Now I know why.

  4. If you win my draw, I will send a box:-)
    Maybe i will send a box to any Canadian winner:-)
    Try Amazon-
    Also, I have used successfully the ones made by Woolite and I did not like the Breezy brand as well.
    I love these things, actually completely fixed areas that had run on a quilt I made in the 90's.

  5. I usually buy 2 boxes at a time and use them often. There is also a cloth you can reuse for up to 30 washes I think. Wonder if you can find those in Canada.

  6. I've only once managed to find them, and used them more than sparingly. We need a Yahoo group like Needlecoop, with a volunteer buyer in the States. Might get a bit expensive .........

  7. I love my color catchers. When I give my quilts away I always send a box of color catchers with them.

  8. I had a friend ship some to me! Will have to look for more on my next trip down south.


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