Saturday, December 14, 2013


I would like to post about some finishes, but I can't.

I made these

(can't show you yet silly, someone might be peaking at this blog)

And this 

This table runner is now gracing my mother's coffee table this holiday season.

I started Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt called Celtic Solstice.  The first step uses the Tri Rec rulers, which I had to go out and purchase.  

I was able to pull the fabric from my stash.   

base triangles cut

sewing process started

Sewing processed stopped.  I have come up against a very BIG, hard, brick wall.  My squares aren't coming out to 3.5" as required.  I am just about sick about it.  Some are fine, others are really not.  
I am not sure if I should recut fabric and resew.  Rip these apart and resew.  Wait to see what/how these go in the quilt and see if I might be about to fudge them in somehow.  

What would you do?


  1. Doing Bonnie's mystery quilts is one of the best ways learn new techniques. I would keep going, working to get the rest correct. It's all about your seams and you will get better. At the end of finishing them, you can decide if you want to redo any. Fabric is very forgiving at times. If they are a little small, they can stretch some. Good luck! (I too am working on this mystery, but am still cutting as working and trying to get Christmas shopping done. But I do spend some time every day working on them.)

  2. I agree with Karen - unless they are very much too small you can probably make them fit by making the seam allowances smaller. I would love to be doing Celtic Soltice, but just cannot fit it in right now.


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