Friday, February 12, 2010


We are getting ready to celebrate the opening of the Winter Olympics that are being hosted in Vancouver, Bristish Columbia, Canada. We're having a bit of party to get in the Olympic spirit and cheer on our athletes and our neighbouring province that is hosting. Everyone coming is bringing an appetizer from a participating country. Should be a fun evening!!!


  1. Super Cake! We too are excited for the games!
    Go Canada Go! Have a great party! Enjoy the Opening Ceremonies!

  2. I will be rooting for Canada's teams as much as for the American teams. ( I lived in Vancouver when I was a kid.) Paint the town red!

  3. Such a great cake and a fun way to celebrate...I love the idea of foods from the different countries. We've been watching and I find myself cheering on everyone, since I've made so many friends in so many countries through blogging.
    Have a great week,

  4. Go Lee Go! Lovely cake and what a fun idea to make all kinds of appetizers!

    Did you watch speed-skating? Sven Kramer won a gold medal!

  5. Have fun Lee! I love to watch speed-skating. What is your favorite olympic sport?


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