Monday, February 8, 2010

"Start the Car" & Lily

I have been working on a little project for my great friend Ria. It was her birthday back in January, but she was basking in the sun and warmth of Phoenix so I haven't been able to give her this wall hanging. She has just caught the quilting bug, ....from me... and caught it bad too. She likes hand applique, but I am slowly converting her to do more on the machine, (of which she got a new one at Christmas, so no excuses now). Anyway, occassionally we go out shopping together, but I am always in a hurry (have to get home to get a kids somewhere), so we always joke about the IKEA commercial when the lady comes running out of the store with a ton of bags in her hand and yells "Start the car, start the car!" to her husband. So that is what I have called this wall hanging. "Start the Car"! and yep tomorrow we are off shopping and checking out a new to us LQS.

My dog Lily is always 'helping' with my quilting. It never fails whenever I have a quilt on the floor to pin, size or look over the design, she has to been right there with me and sit on the quilt. Well tonight was no exception. Even though this wall hanging is only about 16" square, she still managed to get in my way while I was taking a picture then insisted on sitting pretty for a picture. That is why we call her Silly Lily!


  1. Puppies always know the best places to sit! LOL!

  2. The wallhanging is great - I´m sure your friends will feel very special.

    Puppies, kittens....... they all know the good places ;-)

  3. What a great wall hanging and what a sweet dog.

  4. Friends to stitch and shop with, what more do you need?

    Love the wallhanging!


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