Sunday, July 25, 2010

do you consider machine quilting a chore or pleasure??

Some of you might think I am crazy and have my work cut out for me.  I want to get these quilts finished by the end of the week. (binding not included) You see D#2, the youngest, is heading to camp tonight for a week.  She is my energetic, has to be doing something, kind of  kid.  With her gone and the teens working or doing their own thing, I hope to get these finished!!  Three are old UFO's, one is a charity quilt from the guild and the newer pinwheel.  I still have to pin two, but ran out of pins.   Wish me luck! 
quilts at the ready

birthday goodies from my friend, she spoils me rotten
My quilting buddy and friend gave me these goodies for my birthday. She is coming over on Tuesday and we are going to sew all day...our mini retreat.
winnings from Carrie

flower arrangement from hubby & kids

Aren't these flowers amazing?  They are so tall too and look great on my counter for all to enjoy!

Still looking for a few more followers before I have my giveaway. 


  1. Hi Lee, I love your sunflower bouquet- they are probably my favorite flowers - so happy and cheery . I love yellow and purple together.
    What nice things you received from your quilty friends- the One block wonder book is quite popular these days.
    Have a great quilting week- It is amazing how much you can get accomplished when one gets on a roll.
    Nice to see you on Quilt with Us- connecting threads- it is a really nice group of ladies who share what they are doing.
    Regards from Edmonton,

  2. Wow, you're really got your work cut out for you this week. I can't wait to see what you do with your week off. ;)

    hmmm. Do I think machine quilting is a pleasure or chore? Well, I used to consider it much more of a chore in the past. Then I collected quite the collection of quilt tops. So, I pushed myself to quilt them. As my skills improved and I started paying more attention to how quilting really enhances the finished quilt it has now switched towards a pleasure.

  3. Happy (late) birthday to you Lee! You've recieved some beautiful goodies. Good luck with your quilting projects. Groeten, Corry

  4. I actually find machine quilting a pleasure. It's the stitching the loose thread tails afterwards that is my least favourite part of making a quilt.

    Wow. What great goodies from your friend and from the giveaway. Give your hubby a kiss for that lovely bouquet, Lee. Hope your birthday was special.

    Hey, here's a dumb question... how do I become a follower? Is there some link that I'm just not seeing?????


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