Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Picasso and Van Gogh

A bit of creativity in the sun...

My daughter (light blue shirt) never seizes to amaze me. She felt like painting on Sunday and so she and her friend painted for a few hours. first a plate of cheese, crackers, wine bottle (empty) and wine glass,  then my flower garden and lastly...me!
yesterday she did a bit of sewing on her scrap quilt.
who knows what today will hold?
I am off for a day in my very neglected  garden!!!

p.s. there is a special day coming up this week.  If I ever reach 50 followers there will be a giveaway for the occassion


  1. I"m already a follower lol ;)

    It's been really really warm here lately... our garden is kinda droopy lol!

  2. Hey Lee, hope your summer is going well. Your daughter appears to be enjoying it! Hope you find your 50 -- I know it's hard to do! :)

  3. oh I subscribe thru bloglines but became a follower , lets hope you get to 50 soon!!!!
    love the picture , cute they had to set the stage to go out and paint!


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