Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well I am not really sure where to start since I have been gone for so long. (I hope my followers haven't disappeared entirely.) I have been lurking and peeking into other blogs now and then, but really I have been so busy.

Since mid March I was away 5 weekends and 1 week for either dance competitions or soccer tournaments.  I had great visits from family members over a 6 weeks stretch. (gearing up for round 2 in 1.5 weeks.) Not too mention Mother's Day, Father's Day, anniversary, all the year end school, dance and soccer wind ups, moving our son back from university, &birthday celebrations.  I now have a 19yr old, 16.5 yr old and 12 yr old.  We are finally out of elementary school!!!!! 

Another thing I have been busy with is exercising. I have a friend that is a marathon runner and very fit. So I bartered with her.  If she got me exercising and getting fit I would make her a quilt.  I wasn't after a big weight lost, but rather getting rid of the sluggishness that I always felt.  So far since April I am doing fairly well.  I walk about 15-20 km a week, which might not sound much to some, but great for me.  I am also doing weights and a mini circuit she set me up with at home. (I don't like gyms).

I love walking along the Bow River, steps from our house!

 This is her quilt top almost complete (need to take picture of completed top!!!

 I started making my own bread too!!  well on days it is not too hot!

Now days I am in the garden lots, trying to tackle the weeds. (think I am loosing)

Until next time,
Happy sewing or enjoying the sunshine in your backyard/patio!


  1. Well, this 'follower' is still here!! I have not been doing much sewing either but seem to getting back to it lately, so that is why I am reading blogs again!!! Sounds like you have been busy!! And my weeds, especially with the rain and mosquito's out there, have really gotten a good hold on ground I thought I had under my control!! Not so much, I see when I can get out there!! Here is to a great rest of the summer!!

  2. I´m still here too ;-) Its great to hear that you are doing something for your health. And if it makes you feel good - keep doing it.

    Normally I dont sew a lot during summer - accept right now - I have to finish two babyquilt and it goes quite slow :-(

  3. your bread looks yummy =) hmmm... I'll try to bake one tomorrow :D

  4. Hi Lee - its very nice to hear news from you again. You are doing well to keep you fit and healthy. I know it by myself but these days I only feel sluggish and somehow I am not able to change this situation. I know I really woud need a kick in my ...... :o))) Maybe you could borow me your fried I would appreciate it a lot -hihihi. I like your quilt and the fabric a lot.
    See you, Brigitte/A


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