Thursday, February 16, 2012

I have been busy….

but not with sewing. And no we are not moving…well not moving houses.  We are starting the process of renovating our 21 year old house.  It is time for a face lift. So I have been busy packing up the main floor, our bedroom and the second floor bathrooms. Packing things into boxes and them hiding them into nooks and crannies in our basement.  I have resolved myself that some things will have to go in the garage and maybe over to my neighbours.
Fortunately my friend just moved and saved most of her boxes and some packing paper too!!!!DSCN8967Bare shelvesDSCN8968
Bare wallsDSCN8969
Its getting empty and it kind of echoes in the house now!!!
I hope once all the packing up is done I can get back to a little bit of sewing, but who knows.

Any advice on living through these renovations?


  1. Advice on living through renovations ... having working in the construction industry for a bit, I can say that what clients generally said they wished they'd done while renovating. Temporarily moved out!! We stayed in our home when renovations were done after a tree was tossed into our roof from a tornado. It was not great, but it wasn't terrible, either. Just resign yourself to the mess and if you've got a contractor, add at least four months to the amount of time he's given you for finishing up and count on the extended time. That way you're not surprised when it extends *or* you're very pleasantly surprised when it's done sooner! Good luck, Lee! :)

  2. Wow, sounds like a big job. First and foremost - protect that fabric and those threads from all the dust that you're going to everything, under everything, around everything, tasted in everything! If you can seal off a room while you're doing it, I say go for it, that will at least reduce the dust everywhere else, but nothing will keep it out. And I agree - double the time, double the price, so you're prepared for what's going to come!

  3. hmm... living through renovations - set up 'living space' where renovations and contractors have little to no access to. Not for security, just for your comfort. Get rid of alot of stuff now, while you are packing up and you will be so happy later. Realize that the timeline will be longer than quoted, and that there will be unforeseen extras that come up (eg. rotten floorboards or behind tiles) Come up to the Northern Hills once in awhile for dinners and lunches with your kids to get away and have a change of scenery - and a set of ears to listen :-)

  4. Good luck in moving! That is always the biggest chore but hopefully it is worth it in the end.


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