Thursday, April 26, 2012

Still around

Sorry again for my lack of blogging.  Renovations continue at our house, leaving me little time for blogging or quilting.

WP_001023Since our kitchen is a bit messy with cardboard on counters, no cupboards; most of our meals (if you can call them that) are eaten/prepared on my sewing table with supplies in the plug in cooler in the basement. Note the toaster on the cutting table behind.  Therefore not much sewing is happening these days. 

We have progress with the renos.  The girls bathroom is being grouted today.  Paint is going on my bedroom today!! Windows and have been installed and trim and baseboard installed. Bathroom vanities are in place awaiting counters!  I think some Kitchen cupboards might be going up in the kitchen too.  There must be at least 5-6 workers above me (I am held up in the basement with a sick child) clumping around.  I won’t complain, cause I know work is getting done.

We are getting a bit restless with our living arrangements,  but the end is in site, thank goodness. 

What else have we been up too?  Well we had a little break and went to visit friends in Phoenix in March. Of course no trip to the US would be complete without a stop at a few quilting shops. I also visited the Sew n Vac store in Gilbert, but forgot to take a picture.


We have also started the girls dance competition season.  We had one already in Red Deer, Alberta for 4 days.  Our next one is in Banff, AB and then lastly here in Calgary.  #1 son moves home this weekend. Not really sure where he will sleep as hubby is in his bed. Smile  and me on pull out couch. 

So as you can see I am not sitting idle with all this going on.  I just wish I could get back to sewing!!!!!  

How are you all doing?  Getting lots accomplished or is ‘life’ getting in the way too?

Happy stitching




  1. I'm glad the 'makeover' is going well!! You all will be so happy to get your house back, I'm sure!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, it seems like to deserve a crown to last the chaos for so long! is the end of the renovations in site?


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