Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guild Friend part 2

Like I said before I love the resources that my guild has to offer.

If you have been following me lately you know that I went to a local studio to learn a bit about long arm quilting.  Then the following week I actually used the machine to quilt two tops.   You might be asking yourself where did I do this?  

Well it was here  @ Loopy D's Quilting Studio. Lucky for me she lives close by!

Deb is an awesome instructor for free motion quilting and quilting in general. Her knowledge is second to none.  Oh the things that I learned.  She is a very modest about being an exceptional artist.  Here custom quilting is unbelievable.  Her attention to detail is amazing.  She loves to throw in a little quirkiness too.  She is generous with her time and her quilting.   She was featured on our local and National news recently.  She generously donated her time to quilt the Calgary Stampede Centennial Quilt. Each block was quilted differently. This one is definitely a show stopper! You can read more about it here

She has travelled all over North America taking courses on quilting; perfecting her style.  
You must stop by her website Loopy D's Quilting and Long Arm Studio

or you can catch her on Facebook  

or on her blog as well. 

If you stop by to see this incredible women's work, tell I sent you, you won't be disappointed.

Happy stitching,


p.s. I did get Deb's permission to highlight her and use her photos in this post.

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