Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Road Trip and LQS on the way....

Over the Easter weekend hubby, daughter #2 and  headed on a little road trip.  We saw a lot of this on the open road. 
Yep actually about 5-6 hrs worth of beautiful blue skies, prairies and mountains in the distance.  Destination Great Falls, Montana 
Of course no trip would be complete with out first researching "Are there any quilt stores in this town?"  Lucky for me there was and the driver was willing to stop at them.  The kid watched DVDs while waiting for me. 
First stop Big Sky Quilts  
 The store is large and one wanders the whole depth of the building.  The staff were very friendly and helpful. They had a great selection of minkie and flannel.   We snuck our heads into their classroom which was huge.  Down side of this store, it is a little dated and dark. 

purchases from Big Sky Quilts
In between going to other stores to satisfy the other traveling buddies.  We went to The Quilt-A-Way.  What a gorgeous store.  Bright and airy.  Their room settings and groupings of fabric were delightful; quilts and patterns scattered with antiques. Once again the staff were very charming and helpful . 

Purchases from the Quilt-A-Way
Our last place to visit which I didn't think we would get to because it is located 25 mi outside of Great Falls was The Quilting Hen.  Let me just say I am so glad we did.  It is well worth the drive (even the gravel part)
Diane the owner welcomed us into her beautiful studio/store/classroom with open arms.

Welcome sign
bright, clean, organized store
Look at the top shelf, full of antiques.  I spied my mom's dishes

my purchases at The Quilting Hen
Her rolls of 1/4yd cuts in every colour wave are amazing.  When I unrolled them at home there wasn't one fabric  I didn't like in there.   She has a great online store too!
Isn't this so cute?  Due to water restrictions she has put in 'continuous' blooming plants that sure brighten up the prairies.

She has thought of everything!

We did see a few tourist/nature things while in Great Falls. 
we weren't the only Canadians there!

Have you been on a road trip lately?

Happy stitching



  1. How were the fabric prices there, Lee? I was just down in Las Vegas and they were $11.95 - $12.95 / yard.

  2. That seems like a perfect road trip! The nearest I can come to quilt shops here is to look at photos or visit online shop. The 'nearest' quilt shop is in South Africa, about 6 hours by plane - LOL. Love that quilt shop 'in the middle of nowhere'! :)

  3. OH gosh, whenever we have the occasion for a road trip, I always Google every city we will be going through to check for quilt shops (isn't it somewhere in the Quilters rule book that we MUST do this???) I'm sure it is a requirement, *wink*. Though last time I was was in Great Falls, I was not yet quilting...that was about 6 years ago. We try to get up there every few years as we love Montana and Great Falls is one of our favorite places to visit. Hugs...

  4. Yay for road trips! It's been far too long for us. We love them.

  5. Clearly I need to go shopping with you. I went to the coolest store in Kalispell (Glacier Quilts) and came out with NOTHING because I was just way over stimulated with goodness. LOL


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