Friday, April 12, 2013

Winter White Block Exchange

 Back in January I hosted a block exchange between 11 other bloggers.   It was called 
The Winter White Block Exchange.  
The only 'rules' were, to make a 12.5" block using colours that remind them of winter. 

Aren't these beautiful?

From Mary (no blog)

From Corina @ CW Quilts

From Julianne @ Quilting with Calicos

From Peg @ Pieces on my Mind

From Sue @ CollectingTexasGal

From Linnea @ Nea Bear Sewing and Crafts

From Debra M @ Sew Rip and Sew Again

From Deb A @ Patchwork Sanity

From Suzanne @ Colorado Lady

I haven't blogged about these blocks yet, because I kept hoping that two more blocks would show up.  Apparently one set was 'lost in the mail'.  The other set was sent back to the maker.  I was assured by the makers that they would send out the individual blocks to all the participants, but another month has gone by and I haven't seen or heard anything from them.  so I am done trying to track them down and will chalk this up to experience.  The blocks that were sent for the two MIA participants will be made into charity quilts.
Needless to say I am a little disappointed, but have no control over it so I must let it go.   

We have 10 blocks to work with and they should make up into a nice winter throw for next year.  (or now since Calgary got another sprinkle of snow this morning).

 Happy Stitching

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts finishes, since the exchange is finished. and to Richard and Tanya's Link a Finish Friday


  1. All lovely blocks and such fun for the participants! Imrecognize some of those blues in Peg's block :)
    Going to be dping a summer blockmexchange? Just a thought:)

  2. Okay, typing on the iPad is not my forte - think you can figure out my previous comment:)

  3. Those blue blocks are so beautiful. Makes me feel like I need to make some blue/white quilts. Love that combo. :-)


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