Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Help needed

I am hoping to get some advice using this product

Have you used it before?

Any tips?

Any problems?

Any advice?

Since it is rather expensive ($25 for 6 sheets) I don't want to mess up any sheets.




  1. Hi Lee,
    That's really expensive! I don't know this brand. I use a different paper, which after printing I iron on the fabric and then sew. The price of 5 sheets are less expensive. About 3 euro for 5 sheets! Used to have print fabric, but didn't like it, and because it's expensive you have to use the whole sheet at once. Cutting out a part of the sheet, and later print on the part that you didn't use is not always working. Hope this helps!

  2. Lee, I haven't used that one but have used a similar for printing text on fabric. It worked really well. If you have a chance, go see or call Bernadette at Traditional Pastimes. She made a quilt for Nenshi with photos on it, and I bet she has good advice for you.

  3. I've not seen nor tried this product so I'm looking forward to reading advice and tips as well.

  4. I've used this product a lot. Make sure you follow the directions on the inside flap about removing excess ink, especially if there are red colors in your picture! The sheets also shrink after you've rinsed them. Plan on them shrinking approx. 1/4" lengthwise and not much width wise. With that in mind, make sure you increase the printed size of your picture by at least 1/4". They are expensive, but I like the feel of this fabric over others that I've tried. Hope this helps!


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