Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On a whirl! Happy quilt

Oh my where have the days gone? I can't believe it is mid June already. so many events and things happening in our family it is really hard to keep track. I tell my kids, "one day at a time" and 'one request at a time, my brain is full!"
However, I have manage to get a few quilting projects finished in between all that is going on, just haven't had the time to blog about them or clean my house.
First is a quilt I made for my sister as she recouperates from surgery (remember I went there last week to help). I started to make her one that that would match her couch, but then decided it was a little dark and dreary and I wanted one to cheer her up, soooo....... this is what I came up with her "HAPPY" quilt for the couch. Made entirely from my stash and pattern from my head. I unfortunately, didn't get the binding on before giving it to her. So when she wasn't sleeping I would take it from her to finish! by the way she loved it!

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