Sunday, June 7, 2009

playing nurse!

Well I am in Ontario taking care of my sister as she recovers from surgery. she is doing well but very sore. i have busy waiting on her and cooking. made a lasagna and pot of spaghetti sauce today. Chocolate chip cooies, blueberries muffuns & berry crisp the other day. the weather is cold & rainy, yuck. i have been able to sewing bindings on quilt as I keep her company. ihad to give her her 'happy' quilt with the binding not stitched on. so every once and awhile i take it from her stitch a bit more. i got my friends tabble runner's binding on during the 3.5 hr flight (photos to be posted soon). i am keeping busy. Hope hubby & kids are surviving without me ok. i left lots of food & lists! had a bit of Christmas here too as my dad left a bag of 40 fat quarters here that his wife picked up Florida for me. Can't wait to add them to my stash!! lots a pretty pink batiques and other bright florals. time to check my patient!!!

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