Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Feeling HOT HOT HOT.....making salsa!

That time of the year again when my friend Ria and I make homemade salsa. We went to the market on Sunday to buy our 40 lb box of tomatoes and all the peppers too! Last night we cleaned and peeled the tomatoes (after blanching to make it easier). They have to sit over night with salt on them to draw the water out! This morning we cut our peppers and onions, trying to decide and remember how many hot and which kind of peppers we used before. We usually make one mild and one hot batch. The smell in my kitchen is wonderful and the fruits of our labours, about 7 litres of salsa, is very tasty if I do say so myself!! Now I can sit back and listen to the lids pop as they finish sealing. Wishing you all a bountiful harvest this fall!
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  1. That looks delicious!

    I used to make tomato chutney and strawberry jam. Now fruits and vegetables are sooo expensive it’s undoable, unless you have your own vegetable garden.

  2. Mmmmmm... I think I can smell the salsa from here! ;o)
    Salsa is a hit in our household, but I don't need to make any this year. I do look forward to the wonderful smell salsa fills the house with and think it's wonderful that you and your friend can together. What a fun tradition!


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