Friday, September 4, 2009

They say there is a first for everything......

Well today I had a first. For the first time ever I went inside our local thrift store, Value Village. I donated a few garbage bags of my husband's clothes at the back door then decided to check out what was on the inside! I was pleasantly surprised by such a big store, tidy, organized and clean. I often read on many blogs about thrift store finds from furnishings to bedding and lots inbetween. I thought I would look for some vintage sheets for backing of quilts. Well out of the corner of my eye I spotted a hanging label for fabric. So off course my radar went straight for it. There hanging on hangers was a bunch of Thimbleberries fabric yardage. Now how can a quilter pass this up? Very classic colours and design. In total I got about 8m for $40 Cdn. That is good for here as it retails between $12.99-18.99/m. There was more hanging there, but I noticed signs that say on the 14th is 50% off the entire store. so I might go back and cross my fingers there is more or different stock. also on another wall were bags of scrap fabrics, some even had made blocks! I have to wonder if someone cleaned out grandma's closet. I was happy with my find.

Sewing Update:

* 9 patch quilt along I have about 80 blocks done. Not sure how much I will need for a queen size

* Rooster wall hanging is sandwiched and ready for machine quilting

* class signed up for a machine quilting class for the 19th hope to learn lots

* Christmas crafts deciding if I should enter a craft fair (not that I have anything made yet)

* Gifts have a few more projects to get made as birthday gifts in Nov. (not even started yet)

That should keep me busy.

Hope you all have a fantastic long weekend (if you are in North America)



  1. So glad you decided to Thrift Shop! We have several and it's always an adventure. You really did well.

  2. That’s some list Lee! You had some great fabric finds at the thrift store!

  3. Great finds! Beware, thrifting can be very addictive (lol)!

  4. I'm so jealous! I never find nice fabrics at the thrift store!


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