Sunday, January 10, 2010

I was spoiled at about you?

Where does the time fly? I wanted to post this last week, but just didn't get the chance, but for a good reason. My father was here visiting from Ohio, on his way to China for business. Although a quick visit, it is always great to see him and catch up.

Anyway I just wanted to mention how spoiled I was with quilting related Christmas gifts. The kids were great getting me all kinds of notions; pins, bobbin holders, seam ripper (never enough of these), needles, etc. My sister gave me 3 more Elm Creek novels, and a deluxe seam ripper. My mom bought me a mini iron that I hope to use more as i do more applique, maybe even learn the turned under process. Santa had a quilting magazine in my stocking and hubby got me a subscription to Quilters Connection, a Canadian quilt magazine (and an eReader, yahoo). My dear friend and now new quilter spoiled me with fabric from the Red Rooster line of Harvest. Yards and yards of 1/2 yards and full yards oh what fun I will have with that. I spoiled myself at the LQS Boxing Day sale with some 50% off fabrics. Even my MIL bought me FQ's from Ontario! My Dad gave me the quilt block calendar and a subscription to American Patchwork magazine, love that one too.
Like I said I was spoiled. Now if I could just get all the Christmas decorations away I could start using all of these wonderful supplies.


  1. Boy,o boy, Santa was good to you indeed! We don't do Christmas gifts overhere, we have sinterklaas.

  2. Oh my, you had some wonderful Elves!! We don’t celebrate Christmas with gifts but I was spoilt by some blogfriends! Like Corry said, most of us celebrate Sinterklaas.

  3. Nice gifts. Looks like we got the same Elm Creek books for Christmas :)

  4. I was completely and utterly spoiled rotten. I should post my pictures. I love all the stuff you got.

  5. Hello Lee, you were absolutely spoilt...I enjoy the Elm Creek novels as well....Warm Regards Lyn....good luck with your String projects....


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