Thursday, August 25, 2011


For some the ritual of BTS has already begun and for some are kids are already in school. For us the first days of school aren't until September 1st and September 6th. 

Hard to believe:
 #1  is going into his 2nd year of university.
  #2  will be in Grade 12 and graduating in the spring. 
And at last we are out of elementary school with  #3  going into Grade 7 & Junior High. 

The following rag quilt is going to my friend's son who will be attending his 1st year of university in a couple of weeks.

Kyle.."mom why do i always get the old smelly hand-me-down blankets when i am relaxing on the couch?"
(insert mom snickering as she knows I am making this for him and that his brother and sister already have ones from me)
 bright and colourful to match this guy's personality
 very big as he is 6'2"

Good luck Kyle on your journey through university. I hope this brings you lots of snuggles!!!


  1. What a perfect 'going to university' gift!

  2. I love those quits!! And he will to!!!
    Nice and bright - my favorite kinds of colours!!

  3. Fabulous, bright rag quilt! I'm sure the recipient will love it!


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