Wednesday, August 24, 2011

sewing lots

I got on a roll the other day and wanted to have a sense of completition so I made a few of these pouches.
Actually I have made a few more sense this picture was taken.
Still one of my favourite things to make!

What is your favourite quick project to make?


  1. these zippered pouches are so cute!

  2. The are soo cute! My favorite quick project.... hmmmm I love to make those little friendship bags

  3. Lovely - and what a great sense of accomplishment that must be! Been missing you!

  4. I love the zippered pouches, I really need to make some. I am confused though...your post is dated Sunday, August 28th and today it is Thursday the 25th. As I don't have my own blog, I you plug in the date for your post or was there a hiccup in the blog post? Hugs...

  5. I love these. I recently made a bib for a friend. It was a lot of fun and quicker than I thought. Definitely something I will make again.

  6. These are great - zippered pouches are one of my favourite things to sew up - so quick and easy and make a lovely gift stuffed fill of good things :)


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