Sunday, November 25, 2012

another cheery finish….

Made from two ‘Morning Glory” charm pack and a few solids. I FMQ’d with meandering and flowers in the solid squares.
The cheeriness of these quilts almost makes the snow bearable!   
I loved making these quilts, quick and easy!  What’s your favourite quick project to make?
Happy Stitching


  1. Lee, I love your quilts!!! (all of 'em, but I am really liking the ones you've posted on this blog!!) Bright, happy , yes, something to brighten the day when it's overcast and snowing!!!!
    I am from just outside Edmonton, and it sounds like we moved to Alberta around the same time! I am from BC, so it was not as far a move as yours, but still, different...

    I miss the mountains and the water, but hey, I am still here, so this province has something to keep us here!!! (you have a beautiful view of the Rockies - I don't have that here!!!!)
    And my fist born was in 1991. I have 2 kids, both 'adults' now!! ;) Youngest is 18 so.....

    And my favorite quick project to make??? Uh, I can't say I have one yet!!! Things I think are quick, I don't seem to finish 'quickly'!!! But I sure do start things...... and that is a habit I am changing for the the next year. And coming to your blog, seeing what you've done, is fantastic for me!!!!

    Keep up the good work you do and those beautiful quick quilts you are making, I know they will be in a the arms of someone who will love them soon!! No worries there!!! bye!

  2. Another nice finish, Lee! Currently working on some stitchery patterns, but am keeping those scrap strips in the back of my mind :) I also like to work with charm squares as they make for a quick project - and look so coordinated. Hope to start some Christmas projects soon - or maybe finish up the ones I didn't get done last year! At least I did get the ones done that were presents :)

  3. Lee, I totally adore the prints you've used -- they really are smile-makers!! Great job! :)

  4. Your quilt makes me smile... so bright & cheery! Beautifully quilted too. I love using precuts and make a lot of table toppers/runners using charm packs.

  5. This quilt is SO pretty! Love the colors.


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