Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter White Block Exchange

(12 participants have now been found)
The snow continues to fall all around us here in Calgary, Alberta.
 I don't mind the snow (I just don't like the frigid temperatures that often come with it here).
Its actually beautiful, covering up the dead, brown grass and mucky, dirty streets.  I know some of you have never even experienced snow! Let's just say it is a big part of being Canadian!

I got to thinking the other day, wouldn't it be nice to have a quilt made with snowy white or white on white fabrics.  Something that is truly wintery, not Christmasy. The quilt can stay out on display well past the holiday season.

Would you like to join me? 

  I am going to host a block exchange 
Looking for 12 participants to join in

Who: anyone residing in North America (sorry International friends, postage just gets too high)
Fabric requirements: white, white on white, winter white and one other colour of your choice (keeping in mind the winter, snow theme, think icey blue)
Blocks: make 12 identical blocks 9.5" (finished size would be 9")
Exchanging:  send them to me by January 20th. I will then redistribute them to all the participants. My address to be emailed individually later.
Finishing:  How you use your blocks is up to you. I.e. Quilt, table runners, wall hanging. When you put it all together is also up to you.
Button: post my button on your sidebar (it is my first time making a button, hope it works)
Lalas Lovelys

Are you going to join me?

P.S. this is my first time doing a block exchange. If I have forgotten anything let me know.



  1. Sounds like fun!!!! I think I even have some silver on white fabric, that will be perfect! I've already added your button, but it doesn't appear to link back to you! I'll post soon, and be sure to put a link in the main body.

  2. I am interested but not sure if I can do the Jan 20th deadline.....let me think for a day or so.

  3. I Would love to join in! Can never get enough of the white stuff in Canada Ha Ha. I've added your button to my blog and a link in my recent post.

  4. just popped in from CW Quilts (Corina). This sounds like a really fun project, but I am going to be away for most of Jan, so cant make the deadline. I have started following you, so hopefully will catch another one someday!

  5. I'm in and will post about this on Sunday!

  6. I would like to join your White on White block exchange. I have done round robins in the past, but never a block exchange. This sounds like fun.

  7. I would love to join in. I have never done this before, so it will be a new experience for me. I will be posting about it on my craft blog.


  8. I am so in...I love winter, I love winter white...and I love block swaps. I have the fabric in my stash waiting for this swap....
    Love your winter picture. You are right Canadian winters are wonderful We are still waiting for it to happen in Toronto!! I say Bring it on!!

  9. Yes, count this Gal from Texas in on some of that SNOW Sewing/Quilt Block Swap! Thanks for hosting! I am:
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  10. I would like to join in also! Thank you! I found out about this on Colorado Ladys I am new follower to you now!

  11. Your follower button isnt showing, my email is heygiz00 At Gmail dot com

  12. Oh! Oh! Great idea!! Another Canuck here! Count me IN!!

  13. I cant figure out how to put the little button on my blog. I am using eblogger. Any kind of help would be great. I have only been blogging a bout a year now and am still learning,